Director Umesh Shukla’s ‘102 Not Out’ once again brings back the hit jodi of Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor on-screen after a gap of 27 years. The two maverick actors who are considered as the stalwarts of Bollywood are back together to recreate their magic on-screen. It was so thoughtful and interesting for the duo to have an exclusive in-conversation with the media. It was an entertaining and enlightening experience to witness the legends talking about their experience in films and what was it like to work in the 70’s. Both the actors, who took the centre stage, spoke about their upcoming film, and opened up about their experience working with each other and the camaraderie that they share. They have proved it that age is just a number with their incredible work in Indian cinema. It was held in a vigil location the Royal Opera House, which made the star’s nostalgic and brought out the anecdotes of the place.

Both the actors talked at length and couldn’t stop praising one another. Big B said, “The reason why we are here together is that we have a history of films together and it’s been a great honour to work with Rishi once again,” to which Rishi added, “I have learnt a lot from Amitabh ji and his craft of acting. He flirts with the character he plays as he works himself into the character. This is his craft.”

In reply to Rishi’s compliment about his craft, Big B replied, “We did ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ together and at that time I had started ‘Deewaar’ with Yashji and the mood and character was very different from ‘Kabhi Kabhie’. Almost after two days of shooting for ‘Deewaar’, we were in Kashmir shooting for ‘Kabhi Kabhie’. But this was the craft of Yash Chopra as he could switch from one film to another.”

As the conversation between the two actors got underway they even shared their past experiences with one another and the secret to their chemistry. Rishi started by saying, “One day I was shooting for ‘Bobby’ and Amitji was also shooting for one of his films and his film ‘Bombay to Goa’ had just released, which was a hit back then so I remember complimenting him for it.” Remembering those golden days even Big B shared his part, “We worked together in ‘Coolie’ and ‘Naseeb’ which were wonderful films and I am fortunate enough to be working again with Rishi ji in ‘102 Not Out’.” Both the actors seemed to have got nostalgic about working together in the past, “Not many have a journey like us and if God wants us then we may work for the next 44 years like this only,” Rishi hoped.

On being quested about the film having no leading female characters in it, Bachchan said, “Yes, there is no leading lady in this film and I don’t know whether that’s going to make a difference in the box-office but this is the fact that there is no leading lady in the film, there are only two men.”

The two were even quested about each other’s acting skills to which Rishi took to the mike first to praise Big B. He said, “There was shoot for a song ‘Chal Chal Mere Bhai’ and it required us to look drunk and Amit ji aced it with such perfection that he actually looked as if he is drunk. And for me, it was a learning experience.” Talking about Rishi’s skills Big B was quoted saying as “I am yet to come across an artist who can lip sync as perfectly as Rishi ji. He doesn’t just lip syncs but syncs the expressions on his face! I noticed the same temperament in his son Ranbir Kapoor of whom I’m a great fan.”Talking about his alternative career plans Big B opened up saying “I had got a driving license in Mumbai and if I wouldn’t have found a job then I would have surely driven a taxi.”

Big B and Rishi Kapoor spoke about the difference they find in today’s audience and back then. ‘The audience back then were forgiving and naïve and today they are not forgiving and smart’. Big B shared his thoughts over this saying – ‘The biggest factor that has changed the audience is the communication. Speed of communication has become so good and the alternatives that people have for entertainment is a vast, first there were only films. Now there is television series, internet, cell phones, with communication coming so rapid we are exposed to things that is running in  every coner of the universe;  so they are used to seeing something perhaps superior than us  and they want the same kind of quality to see in our films and therefore we have to keep inventing. Hollywood has the money, the expertise, their quality and quantity we are fighting against them and I still believe we are emotionally strong but we won’t be able to match them in technology and the fantasize film making that they come up with but I have to say that our young generation of the film industry are absolutely intrude with what is a happening in the rest of the world and they are spending lot of energy and money to make their films equally big, so whenever their films come out please do patronize them  because we have to fight the Hollywood which is over taking us and destroying our industry.

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