A good movie leaves us with a lot of inspiration, a smile on faces, a lump in our throat. In all that Melodrama and action sequences there are some jewels that leave us Love-Struck with their performances. It is the movie that makes the star but there are other times when it is the actor who makes the movie a hit and so here are 20 memorable performances from last 20 years that you might have missed (arranging by the year of release).

Malik – Ajay Devgn COMPANY (2002)

One of the best underworld characters played, hands down. Ajay Devgn’s role in COMPANY is from where his second innings in the fi lm industry started. Ajay Devgn is at the peak of his powers here and his character Malik, modeled on gangster Dawood Ibrahim, today is a pop-culture icon. We see Ajay as a gangster and his performance as an aggressive yet attractive gangster was a performance to remember. His prominent dialogue “Sab ganda hai par dhanda hai yeh” (It’s all dirty, but it’s business) was the famous dialog from the movie and it’s still remembered along with how he carried himself in the fi lm and the aura he created around him.

Rohit Mehra – Hrithik Roshan – KOI MIL GAYA (2003)

Rohit Mehra as a Character In “KOI MIL GAYA” was an absolute game-changer for Hrithik Roshan as He played the role of A mentally disabled boy, due to the injury he received in the accident while still being a fetus. Portraying the character of a mentally disabled is difficult and Hrithik has given his best in the movie while playing the character and there is no denying on it. It’sone of those characters, specially the children and the young adults grew up with, which gave birth to India’s first superhero KRRISH.

Michelle – Rani Mukerji BLACK (2005)

Rani Mukerji’s most challenging performance was BLACK as she played the role of Michelle McNally who is born Deaf, mute and dumb in movie BLACK. The role was challenging but so was the movie. She has given one of the best performances any actress could ever will while playing such a difficult character that is. Michelle Mcnally was such a challenging character but being Rani, she has given it to the world in the most beautiful way and with greatest of ease.

Langda Tyagi – Saif Ali Khan OMKARA (2006)

Not only memorable, but also iconic. Saif Ali Khan performed brilliantly as Langda Tyagi in OMKARA. He brought to life the rustic and foulmouthed mean guy. A role much against his suave real-life persona. Saif made sure that it was him you remembered at the end of this fi lm. His acting was on par and unmarkable as it showed us what an actor Saif is and it was definitely one of his best performances. 

Kabir Khan – Shah Rukh Khan CHAK DE INDIA (2007)

Shahrukh Khan plays the role of Kabir Khan in CHAK DE INDIA; a player of Indian hockey team player who missed his play against Pakistan that cost him a championship and made him a pariah. After seven years, he is hired to coach the nation’s women’s hockey team, giving him one more chance to show to the world and make his beloved mother proud. His performance in the movie is quite realistic as a coach, he could indulge into the character because he used to play hockey In college and was quite a good player so this was more like just reuniting with the sport that he once used to play. But overall, he was quite inspiring.

Geet – Kareena Kapoor JAB WE MET (2007)

Kareena has played the role of Geet in “JAB WE MET” a gorgeous looking but annoyingly chatty yet very lively young girl. Her character is not only so memorable but in a way has become iconic. She won all our hearts by playing the happy & jolly character in the movie. The always babbling lively girl role is a perfect match to her personality and she played it with ease.. This movie was the big break of her career and her best ever performance.

Auro – Amitabh Bachan PAA (2009)

Amitabh Bachan had uplifted the script with his performance in PAA as Auro, a 13 year old. The script was unremarkable and Amitabh made the character even more endearing. Big B lifted the whole script with his performance as Auro who is suffering from genetic disorder known as Progeria. Bachchan’s ability to embody the moods and caprice of a child with a debilitating disease, worth the mention. Few actors in the Hindi film industry have the courage and commitment to push boundaries. Bachchan Sir obviously immersed himself in preparation for this role, and that kind of ambition and drive is admirable.

Shruti Kakkar – Anushka Sharma BAND BAAJA BAARAAT (2010)

We have seen Anushka as Shruti Kakkar in “BAND BAAJA BAARAAT” as an aspiring wedding planner. She has done her role naturally and you see the authentic side of her. The character she portrayed was quite relatable and she played it in such a way that the audiences fell in love with her character. Her dialogues, and everything the audiences have a recall of and that’s truly making this a memorable performance.

Vidya Bagchi – Vidya balan KAHANI (2012)

When we think of Vidya Balan and Kahani only one word comes to my mind – Outstanding. That sums up her performance in the film. In kahani she plays the role of a pregnant woman who is on her search of finding her husband in the entire movie. Her performance in the movie will leave you in awe of her. One of her powerful and also memorable performances.

Jhilmil – Priyanka Chopra BARFI (2012)

Priyanka Chopra left a powerful impact on audiences from with her performance in BARFI as Jhilmil. Playing a character of an autistic girl is really hard but she has managed to do it with such ease. Priyanka Chopra got voice modulations right, mannerism right and on top of everything, shows the will to play the second fold to the hero as the movie has Ranbir Kapoor in the central role but she has left a huge impression on audiences with her role.

Milkha Singh – Farhan Akhtar BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG (2013)

Farhan Akhtar was seen as Milkha Singh in BHAAG MILKA BHAAG where he played the role of an athlete and carried it out perfectly. He is well known for his versatility as an actor. He has various elements which will make him a successful lead star. Before starting shooting for this movie Farhan took a year and half to be trained into the exact character. The performance was marvelous and versatility is what Farhan did not fail to surprise us with. He made Milkhaji proud of the performance and that says it all.

Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi – Salman Khan – BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN (2015)

 BHAIJAAN (2015) Salman Khan comes with a whole new look and character as PAWAN KUMAR CHATURVEDI in BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN which is different from all the characters he has played so far. This movie does not include any Abs fl aunting, Shirt Ripping, which Salman is quite known for. Salman Khan has played the role of an innocent honest man who fails, gets beaten up but nothing can distract his purpose. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is yet again another great performance by Salman Khan. The character he played and presented it in a very positive way. In this movie his execution of the character was on point, his ‘Being Human’ side comes on. His performance and the character execution is beyond perfect.

Mastani – Deepika Padukone BAJIRAO MASTANI (2015)

Deepika played the character Mastani in Sanjay Leela Bansali’s BAJIRAO MASTANI. Where she played the role of a warrior and a passionate lover. Her overall performance, including her dance performance and her dialogues were great and she did a marvelous job. Her chemistry with Ranveer Singh in the movie was also quite nice. Not to mention, she charmed the audience with her act too. 

Bajirao Peshwa – Ranveer Singh – BAJIRAO MASTANI (2015)

Ranveer Singh’s physical transformation as Bajirao Peshwa in BAJIRAO MASTANI is staggering. He has carried out the role with relish. From a shrewd human to fearless warrior to the caring husband and a helpless lover; also he maintains his Marathi accent impeccably and controlled body language throughout even into the dissonant climax. He made himself synonymous with Bajirao in the fi lm. You see him and you literally feel you are seeing Bajirao.

Tommy singh – Shahid Kapoor UDTA PUNJAB (2016)

Shahid Kapoor has broken all the bars by playing the role of a drug-induced rockstar In UDTA PUNJAB as Tommy Singh in the movie. This was one of the best performances he has given in his career. Some may argue he was better in a few of his other films, but for me, him in UDAT PUNJAB takes the cake. The intensity with which he played his role was great and overall quite commendable.

Mahavir Singh Phogat – Aamir Khan – DANGAL (2016)

In the movie Aamir Khan carries out the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat who trains his two girls to be world class female wrestlers. All we see is him in pure character throughout the movie and the performance was remarkable, keeping the originality of the character and adaption from the real life character and he carries it out beautifully.

Neerja – Sonam Kapoor NEERJA (2016)

Sonam Kapoor’s performance in NEERJA as character Neerja, really did set the standards for how an actress must dwell into the role played. She characterized the enthusiasm and charisma of Neerja very well attracting the audience by her caring nature. This has to be hands down one of her best performances. She has not just represented the character but she has lived it!

Ranjit Katyal – Akshay Kumar AIRLIFT (2016)

Akshya Kumar as Ranjit Katyal in AIRLIFT, delivers yet another superlative performance with honesty. Watch his body language suiting (and shifting as per) the situations—from vulnerability to being in the seat of power to being sensitive and caring, Kumar displays it all. We have seen Akshay growing as a actor and here is the proof of him being one of the best actor in the industry through his performance.

Sanjay Dutt – Ranbir Kapoor SANJU (2018)

 Ranbir Kapoor put in a lot of hard work behind portraying Sanjay Dutt in SANJU. His hard work was appreciated by each one of us. His performance is unmatched in the movie, he has done a great job because acting, copying gestures and all to the T is hard day’s work and he’s pulled it off quite nicely. This is going to be the one to remember.

Sehmat – Alia Bhatt RAAZI (2018)

A Daughter, a spy and a wife is what we see Alia Bhatt as in RAAZI. She has performed her role in movie with great conviction. Sehmat as a character is considered as Alias best performance so far, and I concur. We see the side of alia that we have never seen before. Each time she tears up in the fi lm, with a quivering lower lip and droopy eyes, you sink into her emotions. Each tear reveals a different face of her character, and this is a trait only an inherently talented actor carries. Here Alia thought us, You can’t learn how to act. You’re born with it. Alia Bhatt was born to be an actor.

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