Sunny (Divyendu Sharma), Rahul (Harshad Chopra), Asse (Kiku Sharada), and Sheetal (Priya Bannerjee) are a gang of very good friends from diverse backgrounds. Sunny belongs to a middle class family in Delhi and his father (Sushil Parashar) is a strict disciplinarian and wants his son to do something of his life whereas Sunny is more interested in pubbing and watching movies with his friends. Rahul belongs to a very rich family but his father has married after Rahul’s mother has passed away and his step mother is irritating him a lot, Asse is the son of a spiritual guru (Ashok Banthia) but Asse is only interested in food and other exciting activities. Once after a drinking binge they meet a rather eccentric astronomer (Tom Alter) who proves to them that the end of the earth is near after an asteroid will hit it in 2016 and they get shaken and decide to enjoy life in the time that’s still there, but the astronomer in Moradabad gets a seizure and passes away and a cop (Narendra Jha) brings them in for questioning and then in late evening lets them off and they return to the pub and let their hair down and get drunk silly and they take off in a car and they wake up in a strange place with a bag full of money in their car and the exuberant Sunny decides to spend it and they splurge it in Goa where they enjoy to their hearts content and make new girlfriends and in the interim they have also a very strange experience in a ghoulish mansion where Asse has a rather nasty experience with the lady of the house (Supriya Karnik). But the cops and thieves are after them to recover their money in the car which is the result of a drug deal gone wrong of a hoodlum D’Costa (Rahul Roy) who threatens them and tries to kill them and demands to see his money returned back to him. How these four friends get out of the predicament is the part of the climax?

The film has been in the cans for awhile but it doesn’t look dated. Divyendu Sharma is the star performer while Harshad Chopra is the strong and silent type. Kiku Sharada is hilarious. Priya Bannerjee has a lot of Joie de vivre in her act. Tom Alters swansong performance is good. Narendra Jha is excellent. The rest of the cast fit the bill. The locales of Goa have been excellently picturized. The music is zingy.

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