2017 has been a year to forget for most parts. The year started on a high note but over the course of the year, the wheels somewhat fell off and it wasn’t really till the last few months of the year when it really kicked off once again. But having said that, we should always believe in let bygones be bygones and with that thought in mind, let’s look and cherish the high times we could be having in a similar write up next year around this time. In all honesty 2018 looks like a crucial year for the movies. There are some major movies lined up for release which can mould the way the next few years can line up for the industry at large as well. We at Super Cinema have picked up five movies we reckon can be those major game changers in the long run right here. Last year’s major eye opener for the industry was the massive business and appreciation BAHUBALI 2 – THE CONCLUSION mastered up and that’s the reasons movies in 2018 need to be really pushing the envelope. The Tamil industry will have their mega ace in the sequel to ROBOT with 2.0 coming out in the new year which further emphasises the point we are trying to make. So in particular order here goes; 1. THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, 2. RACE 3, 3. PADMAVAT 4. Sanjay Dutt biopic and 5. ZERO. THUGS OF HINDOSTAN and PADMAVAT are the two movies which can give that larger than life feel to the audiences while RACE 3 with the inclusion of Salman Khan in the franchise really marks a new day for a sequel game in the industry. ZERO will be the movie to really push the VFX marker of the industry and with the little glimpse we saw earlier this week things are only going to be looking rosy. While the yet untitled Sanjay Dutt biopic can be the movie to merge mainstream Bollywood and drama which would be another major story telling master class. There are many more movies which could be on the list for various other explanations but for the reason of the trade and for up-ing the standards of the Hindi film industry these five can be the ones we should be heavily banking on!

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