50 years ago, on 15th February 1969, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan signed his first Bollywood film SAAT HINDUSTANI which went on to release on November 7 of the same year. 50 years of his life Mr. Bachchan has given to this industry and entertaining the audiences. Over the years he has gone on to become a favourite and has gotten love of easily 3 different generations. He is one of the premiere most star of the country till date.

As  a matter of fact, in his 50th year he is coming out with his new film BADLA whose trailer was just launched in the same week leading upto his 50 years in the industry, with that film releasing on March 8th. Mr. Bachchan has been an institution, not only because of his exemplary work in the industry but also because he has stayed head and shoulders above everyone around him. He has changed with time, he has adapted himself, he has picked roles which resonate with one generation after another and another generation after that.

He has given us so many memorable hits, year in and year out. He started giving hits after hits with ZANJEER and his career just peaked from there, giving hits after hits. In SHOLAY he gave us one of the biggest cult films. AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY, MUQADDAR KA SIKANDAR, SATTE PE SATTA, SHAHENSHAH, AGNEEPATH and the list just won’t stop; and these films are just ranging from 70s-early 90s. After taking a little break from the industry in the late 90s, and then he came on TV with KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI and he just reinvented TV entertainment. He in a way was a pioneer of sorts for everyone in the industry. Then he came back to movies again after his little stint on TV, since then he has been constant in the entertainment industry pan India. He picked the right films and got back to business as usual.

He is that constant that this industry has seen and deserves. May the force be with him. We still see vintage Amitabh Bachchan in every single role, in every single dialogue he utters and is seen in till date. That’s why he is the constant. He is doing phenomenally well for himself and in a career of 50 years he has given us some memorable films and we are looking forward to more and more memorable films from him.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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