The numbers some Indian films are making in China is catching everyone by surprise. The films are doing as good business in China as in India and some are doing even better in China then here. The reason for this is that China has more number of screens than India. While the population of both the countries is quite similar, China has almost double the screens that India has. China has around 11,000 screen while India still has 6000. This makes a huge difference when we see how the films do at the box-office.

But the scenario is slowly changing in India too. Quite a few multiplexes have started to make more and more screens here and the number is gradually increasing by the day. Earlier the issue with getting more screens was that multiplex chains had to buy the old theatres and turn them into multi screens, which was a bit difficult in a lot of places. But now, with the advent of malls, even in small towns has helped a lot of multiplex owners make more screens and in more places. Infrastructural issues was what tampered the growth of cinemas in India but slowly, more malls and such places are being made and which in turns helps the multipelex owners build proper theaters which offer proper comfort and the experience of going to the films. The investment in the retail real estate is on the boom, especially in the last 3 years and there is a serious uptick in the malls since then.

By the end of 2017, PVR and Inox Leisure had 625 and 476 screens, respectively, up from 150 and 63 in 2011. While PVR is now looking to get to a 1000 screens by 2021 and Carnival Cinemas targeting 2000 screens by 2021 while having 430 screens currently. While they’re increasing their base, they are also trying to offer in the other departments as well, like F&B, etc. They keep trying to get new and interesting stuff like VR lunge, play lounge and a theatre for children, etc all in the attempt to pull people to the theaters. So, the increase in the screens is happening, slowly and all due to more malls being made. But they also need to be made not only in metro cities and small towns but also in smaller towns and their villages where people would go and watch the films. There is a potentially huge market waiting to be tapped and in time, hopefully it is. Trade Magazine