Ever since the influx of so many online streaming sites like Netflix, Prime, AltBalaji, etc there was this genuine worry among everyone, especially in the industry. That was mainly due to the increased competition in terms of web series, and the Netflix and Amazon and the Hotstar originals and all these people putting in so much content for so little price out there for the viewers to consume and even have that endless binge.

But all of that has gone out of the door right now with this year turning out to be one of the best years the industry has ever seen. At an average we usually have 12 films a year which are superhits or which give a return on the investment. We haven’t even finished 6 months yet and we have already have 10 films which have given a clear return on investment and has obviously seen a profitable scenario for those 10 films.

The point here is that we will probably have a better number this year than what our average is; especially in a year where there is so much competition from online streaming portals and a lot of content for people to take in.  Audiences are still coming out to the theaters regardless of the star, regardless of the music; the two benchmark points that people always thought were responsible for getting the audiences into the theaters; but all that has completely gone out of the door. The main thing now remains is that if your trailer clicks, the first unit that you put out clicks with the audiences at large, then whatever the scenario, the audiences will come to the theater and watch your film and appreciate your content. So, that is the new game changing situation that has really come into the forefront this time around.

Also, for the first time ever in the history of Indian Cinema, for the first six months, we have had every single month producing a 100cr film; January  -PADMAAVAT: 300cr, February – SONU KE TITU KI SWEETY: 100cr, March – BAAGHI 2: 160cr, April – AVENGERS INFINITY WAR: 225cr, May – RAAZI: 121 cr and June – RACE 3: 142cr*. We still have SANJU left to come out on the 29th of June, which is going to round up the first six months of 2018. Not only on paper but also on what we can see of the film right now, that film is also going to be a big money spinner, which is going to be a fact.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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