The film is about a group of filmmaking students out to make a film on the tragedy of one of their group members relatives whose daughter falls into a lake and dies when she is along with her father . These students try to investigate the matter in their own way by shooting with hand held cameras and hidden cameras when they are stupefied to know that the father of the girl (Manav Kaul) has become a split personality and in his other soul he tries to molest his niece (Reeth Mazumdar) who is also his real life niece but then the students discover a horrendous truth that Reeth infact had shot down her perpetual molester and his soul had taken refuge in Manav’s personality and he acts accordingly to take his vengeance against Reeth. The film has an interesting premise and the director has narrated the story in great style and slickness though there is an overdose of sex and erotic sequences especially the cyber sex sequences. The film has been beautifully shot on the locales of Nainital. The music is young and peppy. The editing is non-linear but impressive.

Johnny Baweja and Reeth Mazumdar act well. Manav Kaul is a competent  performer. Tanvi Vyas supports well. A good suspense thriller. A film worth a look.


At the box-office

The movie will be washout.

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