The film  revolves around a young guy called Dheeraj (Zuber K Khan )who is employed and in love with a girl called Payal(Tanvi Arora) who is the daughter of a rich father, who is against his daughter having a relationship with the boy. The girl elopes and gets married to Dheeraj against the wishes of her father. One day Payal falls ill and when admitted to the hospital, Dheeraj is told that he would have to arrange Rs 15 lakhs to treat her since she was ailing from brain tumor.Dheeraj desperately needs money and meets his college friend Monty(Aryan Chopra) who is married to a rich girl Monika(Sonia Bajawa). Monty is ready to give money to Dheeraj on one condition. In the meanwhile Monika is found dead and Dheeraj is arrested for her ‘murder’. It has a gritty half hour court room drama enacted by lawyers played beautifully by Snehal (Ruhi Singh) and Chinoy (Kaushik).  What happens later? Is Dheeraj released? What is the condition of Monty? Does Payal get well? The film has been made within a reasonable budget and though it seems a little bit tacky, it succeeds in holding the attention of the viewers. The actors are a little bit raw but considering it’s their first film they need to be applauded for their efforts. The music is okay. Technically alright.


At the box-office

The film will be a non-starter.

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