I remember growing up in the early 90’s and watching the Indian cricket team play. We always used to be in sticky situations and every time this legend Sachin Tendulkar would pull the rabbit out off  the hat and save the day. He would turn things around no matter how bleak they were, always okay not always but most of the times for sure. Now having said that I’m thinking about Sachin because similar to his gusto is the gusto of the supremely talented Aamir Khan.

Every year the Hindi film industry seems like it is going through a rough patch, and almost every year, without fail Aamir Khan comes and rescues the day! We need him to save the day this year like no previous year though. It has been a completely dull year at the box-office and a big, top-class finish is the thing which is needed the most.

But having just watched DANGAL I’m certain we are in with a great chance. The movie has everything that is needed to get the ball rolling for a final hurray to end the year. The movie is a quintessential family film with enough heart to get the audiences in. The only two things in its way are a) demonetization and b) Christmas and New Years both coming on a Sunday. Demonetization has become a reality for middle India where smaller centres are struggling to keep a float thanks to next to no cash in hand especially for entertainment purposes. While on the other hand this year Christmas and New Years eve both are falling on a Sunday and hence both these days will lose some of its impact as its already a Sunday so no added bump.

But having said all that DANGAL, is still got all the ingredients to be a big success at the box-office nonetheless. The movie has already opened to bumper response in the overseas and if that is something to go by it will be a massive boost to its domestic prospects as well. This year has been so dreadful and especially the last couple of months have been so disappointing as well that we in the industry need to have a big finish.

Coming back to Aamir Khan aka Mr. Perfectionist, his portrayal of Mahavir Singh Phogat in DANGAL is surely one for the history books. His determination and sincerity is evident in each and every frame of the movie. It’s his sheer persistence that makes not only DANGAL but most of the stuff  Aamir Khan does standout and break almost all box-office records time and time again.

Here’s hoping that Aamir’s purple patch continues and he shines on at the box-office this time around too. Trade Magazine