AAPLA MANUS neither wastes any time on preliminaries, nor provides unnecessary diversions, it sticks to the plot and lets it develop logically. It begins at the time of the accident unfolds like a crime thriller. The additional information is provided in the form of a back-story with a twist and the mystery keeps things moving nicely. The incident is a supposed accident of a senior citizen Aba Gokhale living with his son Rahul played by Sumit Raghavan and daughter in Law Bhakti played by Iravati Harshe. Aaba is resentful of the fact that Bhakti works, and that his grandson has been sent away to boarding school. Bhakti detests Aaba’s old-fashioned condescension, and is hurt by his frequent barbs and attacks on her independence. Rahul, the bestetched character in the story, brings his lawyerly self into his home and refuses to take sides or stand up for what is right. One night Aba meets with an accident and enters Maruti Nagargoje aka Nana Patekar a police officer who arrives on the scene to investigate what actually happened. He is confused whether Aba accidently fell or did he commit suicide or was he pushed. The film is structured around the statements of the character and the possible solutions proposed by the investigator.

As the film moves forward there are certain amounts of repetitions that one has seen many times but the director Satish Rajwade keeps the audiences intriguing. One of the key reasons also is the solid performances by actor Sumit Raghavan and Iravati Harshe. But it is Nana Patekar’s twin performance which is crucial in the film; Patekar plays a double role, one of a police officer and other of a lesser length  but equal wattage, one can argue for the need of his double role as there is no connection between them. The climax, which comes after tortuous red herrings and false endings, is less of a revelation than a lecture on family values.

The film is adapted from Bele’s critically acclaimed play, Katkon Trikon but when the play’s script is adapted to screen it risks contradicting audience. However director Satish Rajwade has done an exceptional job in making the thriller engaging.


At the box-office,

The film has taken a good start and will do well in the major centres.

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