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We are in the twenty first century but there are certain sections of society that are still backward and very poor and can’t even earn enough for two square meals for their families. Kunda  (Sheetal Salunkhe) is an Adivasi girl married to Rama (Santosh Mayekar) but is ill treated by  the local  headman (Ganesh Yadav) who has lent thirty thousand rupees to Rama for carrying out wood cutting activities in the jungle but the forest officer puts a stop to it and the headman now wants his money back and Rama is beleaguered by problems which makes him take to drink and while away his time so Kunda who has a daughter (Kanishka Patil) to raise, she takes up work in the forests to cut wood but is stopped there by authorities, so she takes up work in a brick factory run by an evil man (Jayraj Nair) who lusts after Kunda and then Kunda finds a soul mate in a young boy working with her (Akshay Mhatre) but the people around her accuse her of adultery and she is punished by the local panchayat as per their custom to make her an outcaste and is thrown to the wolves who buy her off. The film is a true story and a touching one. The film has been well directed by Rajendra Saali and he gives the message that superstitions and ancient customs should be changed for good. Sheetal Salunkhe makes a good debut. Santosh Mayekar is impressive. Ganesh Yadav, Jayraj Nair, Ajit Bhagat, Ajit Sawant, Kanishka Patil, lend good support. The music is okay. The film is technically alright. A good film with good content.


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The film will be an earner.

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