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We have a Chat with Abhay Mahajan and talk about his new upcoming movie ‘Luckee’ where we learn a bit about his character Luckee, he shares about what he learned and about his experience working with Sanjay Jadhav. Experts:

How did Luckee happen and what was the most you liked about the script?

One of the associate director of the film, who had seem my work in theater had suggested my name to Sanjay Dada and dada knew me but did not personally know me. Sanjay Dada saw my Web series ‘Pitchers’ and he contacted me after that. We met and he narrated the script to me and there were certain things in the script that I was not keen on doing so Sanjay Dada made the required changes because I have played the character of A simple guy and when dada brought me the script it was about a simple guy only and I was not ready to do the same thing again and I mentioned this to dada and he was very kind enough to change the script. We discussed a few things and came up with a script and that is how we started with the movie.

How was it playing the character? Do you relate to it?

I like the character, but I don’t relate to it so much. You may see the movie and realize that the character is in each one of us as it is written that way and when I started with the movie, I started playing the character in real life so that I could relate more to the character and act accordingly. When you start working with a given character, at the initial stage it is very distinct, but by the time it reaches the end, it becomes a part of you.

Was it difficult to get in the skin of the character?

It was not really difficult but more than getting into the skin of the character, it was more of what the director was expecting from us. We both come from very different school of work. I have done more of independent and experimental work and he has continuously been in commercial work, so as the character is Luckee it needs to played like Luckee and as we both come from different side of performance, it was a challenge to come on the same page of what he was expecting from me and to give him what he expects but at the same time doing my own thing and not trying to imitate someone and that took a little bit of time but as we met a lot and discussed a lot of things, it started getting easier. There was this phrase that ‘We do not need to like the same things but we can agree on something’ so that was what happened with us and it was great working with him.

What is the specialty of the Character Luckee?

Luckee can be seen as a simple character with Heroic qualities but looks like he has no heroic qualities and he is someone who is unaware of all the heroic characteristics he has and there are some people who act like heroes and some behave normally but their actions are like heroes so I feel Luckee is more of the second one whose actions are like heroes but is a simple person.

What do you take back from the movie?

It is an exposure of different things at different level all together and there is a lot to take back from the movie. There are different departments that I had to take care here; I had to pull it, so as an actor I’ll say I have become a better actor as I have learned a lot of new things. I feel much more confident about my acting and about myself and that is my take back from the movie.

What is your take on Marathi cinema blooming in recent time with the type of content and talent it’s giving?

Marathi literature is extremely rich and that is why it is going ahead and ahead. There might be content that is not accepted by audiences at first but at a later stage, after accepting the concept and understanding it, people have started enjoying and relating to it on a larger scale. Our scripts are getting interesting and of course we are still evolving and still trying our best. So many people are trying to do new things and take the bar high, so in coming years I’m sure Marathi cinema will be at its best. We have good content, relatable stories that are about day-to-day life and which are more truthful and that is what is taking it ahead and I’m sure it will keep on growing in coming time.

How was it working with Sanjay Jadhav and what did you learn from him?

It was incredible working with him and he has been working even before I was born so the transition that he has seen in movies is so much more compared to mine. The time he started to make movies there were only 3-4 movies made in the year and now there are more than 100 movies that are made so there is a complete different understanding of the medium itself and there are a very few directors who have this kind of knowledge about the medium so that itself is a great learning.

Do you have any projects lined up?

I have already shot for three movies that will release this year and there is an action film, college drama and I’m even shooting for two web series, so that’s it and hoping everything goes well. Trade Magazine



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