Filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor has had a tough little year but eventually he has come out of the entire thing with more than flying colours. His latest movie KEDARNATH which releases earlier this month has literally stormed the box-office and left more than a major mark. Abhishek had the chance to put down all his tools when things were looking difficult and moved on to any other project as he had already been paid for the entire movie right in the beginning but he choose to knuckle down and get the movie out of the crisis and give it the release it deserved simply because he always believed in the story he set out to tell. I met the filmmaker at his office a couple of weeks post his release and we spoke about the KEDARNATH and a whole host of other things. read on for excerpts.

How do you feel now that you are finally done with ‘Kedarnath’?

I feel like I was so consumed by the movie; finally it’s a relief because it is over as it was holding me really tight and I have given everything to the movie and now that it’s in the theatre its like gone from my hand. It suddenly feels like a weakness because I have been holding this movie so tight and now it’s gone.

This is your 5th film as a director and the process of this movie is maddening just from the get go as you were shooting in such a tedious location and then when you come back there is a producer hassle going on and you keep on pulling rabbits out of the hat and you overcome everything with flying colours so do you feel like a magician?

I really believe in Lord Shiv and the movie that I’m making is also about Lord Shiv and that helps me to put the true self out and I can be true to the movie. It is an art because you are making a film and the energy you get from it is the same as you are giving out for the making. At times I used to think that I’m not making the movie; he is making the movie and I used to find myself lucky because he has chosen me to make the movie and once you have that believe you don’t feel the pressure because it is something else and when he has chosen you nobody can stop you. That is the belief I have carried in my heart and made this film otherwise it is just madness that with one hand you are fighting and with another hand you are making a movie. We did not let any crisis come on the movie.

A week and a half ago the movie came out. What is the kind of the response you got on the first day? And what is the one thing that you take back from the movie and its experice?

The most important thing was like even for a second I have never doubted the movie whatever the situation may be but I never doubted the movie. I was 100% convinced by the movie when I started it; I was 100% convinced when I was in the mess and I was 100% convinced when the movie was in the theatre. So for me it’s like I know it otherwise I won’t be successful and when you are 100% convinced this issues won’t break your back and even a lot of reviews, critics that came out and when they did not give the review that I would have liked them to give but I think the perspective on how to watch the film is what that mattered. They have certain expectation from me as a film maker and as a film maker my movies have had certain flare, style and all of that. But my attempt on this film was its simplicity because when I’m telling a story the story should be told in the purest flavour. Some people have called it a dated movie which is something I won’t agree with because you can literally put this movie is 2013 and put it in 2030 and people are still going to like it because it is a timeless movie and has nothing such as dated in it because the message that the movie is trying to speared is huge and does not matter if I’m saying this with a totally dressed ready for a party body or in the most simplest clothes as the message is so beautiful and really huge. I have made this so simple because my intentions were to keep it really simple and it does not include and cliché scenes in it and the back lack is that some people has reviewed it for something it is not and you should see it for what it is.

Even with all this issues the movie is killing at the box -office now and as you are from the film background you know the movies need to make a lot of money and that’s the end game for all the movies and you have been successful here to so do you think that is another victory for you?

For me it’s not like it’s a relief I actually knew it with the way I have made the movie what I have put in to make the movie. I have had that much conviction from the time I started making the movie and I knew it will be like that and even some people who have worked with me in the movie have said that we never thought and my answer to them is “You have never heard me tell you that what it is going to be? You should listen to me properly and then you will know” I don’t say this out of approach  but it is just conviction because I’m so convinced about what I’m saying about Shiv and about who we are as people and I have so many things to say in the movie. The way we look at ourselves as Hindu or Muslims; have divided ourselves doing that. We have most purest of our faith the Kedarnath Temple and it had a flood and after the flood almost 1 lakh people have disappeared and the temple still stands because of the stone and this is not fiction this is the reality. We talk about the environment and the fragility of the mountains, love and I never doubted that this will not connect to people. I know what I’m saying I said it and I have been proved right.

You probably need to go on a break but you don’t seem to take any. Why?

I have been given everything to the movie and my body’s rhythm and momentum does not back down and I keep on working so people tell me I need to slow down and take  a break. I tell them let’s just keep on going but I really need to take a break and shift the gear for a while before I move into a new project.

What you want to do next?

As a film maker my constant attempt is to unlearn everything that I already know and everything that has my own signature.  I did ‘Rock On’ ‘Kai Po Che’ and it is a departure from a complete different world and ‘Kedarnath’ is a complete different world so my attempt to this is not to find the same person from ‘Fitoor’ to ‘Kedarnath’ or from ‘Kai Po Che’  to ‘Kedarnath’. My attempt is to find the pure idea and it will tell you how it should be told and whatever I do next will be a complete different departure from what I have already done. In my production house we have been in development of various scripts and ideas. We are going to be producing movies with different directors. We have short listed some few scripts. It’s a great time for production.

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