Many glitches later, PADMAAVAT is finally set to hit the screens on January 25 as per the Supreme Court verdict, the film will not be banned in 4 states. The film was also set to clash with ‘Padman’ but now the latter has been moved to February 9. This definitely will work in favour of both the movies…yet, will the controversies affect the opening collections of ‘Padmaavat’ or will cinegoers still accept the film with open arms…time will tell. For now, we speak to some industry insiders on the issue and here’s what they have to say…


It’s a dicey situation for now. We can’t say anything, it has two aspects to see. Good and bad, good thing is that Sanjay Leela Bhansali henceforth won’t need any publicity because through this film it has received over publicity. We can’t really say what will happen and how it will turn out. We too have a pressure of ‘Padmaavat’ release; we don’t know what chaos the karni sena will cause here. Hope there is protection and no one is harmed.


One thing I would like to tell clearly that nothing is above the law, the supreme Court of India has taken a call to uplift the ban so it is ideally, morally responsible for every individual of this country to respect that. And this doesn’t call for any agitation of any kind because the filmmakers and the production house has gone through enough of turmoil in various layers which everybody is aware of. And the healthy part of this is that we all believe in the judiciary of the country, it is our mother land and the law has taken upon that this ban needs to be lifted for the release of 25 January. The film is releasing on 25 January and coming day is 26th January which is a public holiday so I believe the film will do great. It’s great news that Supreme Court has lifted the ban and the common man is looking forward to see the film.

GIRISH JOHAR ( Film Trade Analyst)

The Supreme Court has raised the rights and in very right manner said that we have freedom of expression by not banning the film. It’s government’s responsibility to maintain law and order and it’s a good decision by standing against wrong. Now we really hope that there are no more confusions and any such things that harm the audience and let them entertain, as the purpose of the film is to entertain people. Now people should watch it and know itself that there are no such issues in film as even censor board have passed the film.


After the Supreme Court has lifted up the ban, the only thing to bother is will be that states allow the release of the film. The weekend might be a little tough since it’s 26th January from the protection point of view at the cinema level. The government might say to release the film in the particular state according to their own risk. Though the Supreme Court has lifted up the ban still it depends and is a risk for the theatre owner to take action. And I don’t think there would be any difficulties in the film as per what the karni sena are predicting. There is one more week to go so maybe the matter will settle down before the release. I believe they are having a tribute show on the 24th January. And with the Supreme Court orders may be the production house might show the film to the people who are objecting it, so it might resolve before release. So, it’s a wait and watch game.


There might be some issue regarding law and order otherwise the film will through a fantastic audience, now everyone wants to watch ‘Padmaavat’ people were literally asking when will it release. ‘Padmaavat’ will be a very big release and after the film is released, the people who are opposing it will feel very bad for going against it. There is nothing against anybody; this will be one of the films where the Rajput rani will be shown in a very great manner, all the Rajputs will be proud of ‘Padmaavat’. And I feel if the film is not released in those states, very soon it will come on television. The number of shows would be 60-40 for everybody. I think the film will fare well.


Firstly I think it was very unfortunate that ‘Padmaavat’ couldn’t release on 1st December, 2017. I feel getting a smooth release will be difficult but at the same time the states have banned and Supreme Court gives an order to release it, so there is going to be a lot of noise and a lot of things happening around the film. But I believe the movie will release but and be not in a particular state like Rajasthan but I think most of the places apart from 2 or 3 states the movie should release and it looks great. All the exhibitors in the industry are hoping that the film gets a smooth release. However difficult it’s going to be for ‘Padmaavat’, it looks like a film which is going to win end of the day. With its fight against the people who are trying to ban it, I think ultimately it’s going to win and Supreme Court judgement is the ultimate thing and accordingly people will act and should act.

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