Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Ajay is very realistic when it comes to being an action hero.  He’s got an intense look on his face, but has a very casual approach towards his life. We had an interesting conversation regarding his upcoming film ‘Baadshaho’. Excerpts-

The look of the film takes us back to memories of ‘Kachche Dhaage’ although the film is different. Do you feel the same?

I think you are connecting to it because that was also shot in Rajasthan and in dessert and this is too very rugged and western. But that’s the only similarly.

So ‘Baadshaho’ refers to you in the film?

It refers to all of us in the film. All the characters are very street smart and who’s conning whom you can’t know so that’s a nice relationship.

Tell us about your character Bhavani, what is he like?

Bhavani is very smart but at the same time he is emotional as the film is more about relationships. When you watch the film you come to know how every layer of character unfolds, especially mine. He is a very earthy guy and his dialect is Rajasthani, so basically he is smart, strong but emotional.

On which period is this film based?

It is based during the Emergency period.

How much political backdrop can be seen?

Not at all, it’s seen only during the emergency and it’s the story of only these characters.

‘Shivaay’ was an action film, so did you have your inputs in this film too regarding action choreography?

Firstly, this isn’t an out an out of action film, it has realistic action. So I would call it as more of a thrill and drama film. I do give my inputs but not much, if  I give an idea I have to execute it myself, it doesn’t work that I give idea and you execute it but if there is any help needed then I give my input.

Do you like realistic action or CGI action?

I like more of real action and not where people are flying. And now CGI is used for everything it’s not about creating something which isn’t real, it is used to erase few things and it’s also used in scenes other than action. Action should not be for showing off; it should go with the flow and is more of thrill.

“There is no safe genre, if there was a safe one then everyone would be doing that. It's just about good films and bad films”

You have been in the industry since 25 years, which genre is safest according to you?

There is no safe genre, if there was safe one then everyone would be doing that. It’s just good film and bad films.

Any positive or negative points you feel you take back from ‘Shivaay’ as an actor or director?

I feel I could have reduced the time of the film.

What is your take on new CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi taking over?

Prasoon is a very sensible guy but I have said this earlier also I don’t know what happened with the industry but I didn’t have any issue with Nihalani too. But, obviously Prasoon is working in today’s time of films so I hope he will be more understanding.

Earlier, two hero starter films were made but now it’s not happening. What do you think can be the reason?

I wonder why, but budgets are also concerned. I think our generation actors still won’t mind to work together, I can’t comment on the new generation as I don’t know about them.

There is constant chatter on social media about your film ‘Singham’ and Salman khan’s ‘Dabbang’ having a sequel together. What are your thoughts on that?

Yeah I know, Salman and I have also discussed about it but there should also be a script for that. So, if we get a script we will definitely do it.

Do box office numbers matter to you?

Of course it does. If we spend some money we need to get it back.

What are you working on next?

I am going to shoot for the film ‘Raid’ from September. That’s a fabulous film too. Later I have few more projects which would take more time.

You are also venturing into regional cinema, what is the thought behind the Marathi film you are producing? Would you like to act in near future?

I don’t know about acting, but I am producing. I have Nana Patekar on board and the thought behind it was the beautiful script.

If you would pen down a word for your reason behind success would be?
Good Luck (smiling).

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