Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Ajay being a man of few words, got into conversation with us for his film ‘Raid’ which has already attracted few eyes from its trailer. He shares with us about his real life incident of Raid and quite more about Bollywood in a very casual way with little satire. Read on-

Have you encounterd an actual Raid ever?

I did actually, but didn’t encounter personally as I wasn’t in town for few days. Eventually they got nothing.

How much is this real story fictionalised?

Every film needs to be fictionalised a little otherwise it becomes too boring. So the screenplay is given with highs and lows. Little fiction is given and background music is there the way it’s also shown in news with little background music.

This film seems having good blend of commercial as well as story, what do you think that what sort of films will work?

Don’t predict anything because people are doing it since ages and it’s just a good or a bad film. Somebody asked me during ‘Golmaal Again’ that now a days films like ‘Raid’ work, but later even Golmaal did well. People need to be entertained and that’s it. They want to see a good film and whatever makes them happy they like it and that film works. Every sort of film are made in this industry since start and all genres have worked be it Kishore Kumar film or Dilip Kumar.

How do you look at the fact that real life stories reflect movie and vice versa?

That’s true and we make films from reality and nothing is from outside. Our society is corrupted and we show it. You pick up every decade and look at the film that were made and we’re all valid during those times. During 50’s there were more of family issues which were shown later about freedom fighters, then corruption, in 90’s we came up with underworld stories and same till now.

Do you think cinematic freedom is curbed in a way?

Yes there is a problem in our country and we are restricted compared to other countries where they have a say for their opinion even about their president.

After comedy you are doing serious and action film, what sort of film genres are you looking forward?

I like doing different genres orelse I get bored doing one. Also I am lucky enough that my every genre have worked.

Is it that you don’t want to be stereotyped?

It’s nothing about being stereotyped and I don’t think about what people think about me. It’s about me enjoying my work and not getting repetitive.

Are you still nervous on Fridays?

Not nervous but anxious. Most of the times when you are honest with your work, you know what’s going to happen. Sometimes when you hear the script and think how good can a movie be but later during shoots it dosen’t work out and you might even argue but still things don’t work. So that’s when you realise that it’s not going to work that way and imagination wasn’t true.

After huge issue faced by a historical film, what precautions are you taking for ‘Manikarnika’?

My film is very straight and clean and someone has issue I know how to clear it off.

Do you think directors are now scared due to such actions?

Yes they are but there’s law which helps us.

The superstar feeling which actors have got earlier and achieved, do you think it’s fading away with newer actors?

Till a limit I feel yes it reducing and fading. I feel we were lucky, when we started out our careers we got loyal fans and even till now they would watch out films. What’s different with this generation is that they are sensible and they go by content and go by film to film and not actors.

Is web series a competition now?

It is and they are growing very well. So I feel that we need to make our content in such a way that people come to theatres for film and that’s getting difficult. I too watch quite of web series and they are interesting.

Lately there has been less whistle blowing dialogues, will Raid have such dialogues?

Raid has very well written and good dialogue but they aren’t whistle blowing. When you hear the dialogue they will bring smile on your face and you would relate.

What’s the status of your next film ‘Total Dhamal’?

I have already started shooting for the film with Madhuri Dixit and yet we are shooting separately but till April we will work together. It’s going to be fun.

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