Here we are, in conversation with the talented singer – composer Akhil Sachdeva, famously known for his super – hit song “Tera Ban Jaunga”.  Akhil has marked his presence in the music industry in no time.  He talks to us about his recent released heart wrenching melody ” O Saajna” from the Atl Bajali series ‘ Broken But Beautiful ‘, what music means to him, take on recreation music and much more. Read on…

How did  the song “O Saajna” materialise?

“O Saajna” is the most special song for me because it is one of the initial big melodies that I wrote 9 years back. Then I started playing it in all my concerts back then in North India for a good 6-7 years, and it used to be one of the top favourites of my fans. Ekta heard it 2-3 years back for some other project and loved it in one go but could not figure where to use it I guess. When ‘Broken But Beautiful’ Season 2 was happening, Neeraj Kothari was also one of the producers and we had met during the ‘Kabir Singh’ days. He just called me and said that he wanted a big, heart breaking melody and I proposed two songs to him but my first choice was O Saajna. He loved it in one go as well and said that he would make sure Ekta agrees to use it as well. That is when I told him that she has already heard the song a couple of years ago and had loved it then. They met and finally decided to use the song in the web series.

What was your thought process while writing this song?  And have you seen the first season of  ‘Broken But Beautiful’?

I compose and make the melody first and if I’m really touched by that meledy, then I start writing words on it. So normally what happens is that a melody comes first to me and that too depends on the feel and vibe that I am going through. Then a thought comes and probably then I will start writing over it but it has to touch me and give goosebumps first. I haven’t seen the first season of ‘Broken But Beautiful’ but I have heard some great reviews. I am super excited for Season 2 because whatever I have seen in the trailers and the song, it seems amazing. Vikrant and Harleen are just fabulous I think.

How content are you with the response the song has received, and also how was it to collaborate with Alt Balaji ?

I am super happy. My song “O Saajna” has finally reached its destiny, it’s like your baby living its dream and reaching out there. We all musicians like Vishal, I, Armaan, Amaal, all of us are making debut in the web series space with our compositions and singing. It’s amazing because all the songs are brilliant. I think “O saajna” is very painful and heart wrenching melody, it just stands out. I think it is Ekta’s top favourite as well. It’s just been few days that the song has released and I am getting a lot of love and great reviews about the song. I am absolutely honoured to be associalted with Ekta and Alt Balaji.

Do your lyrics reflect your personality?

Yes, absolutely! I think my composition and lyrics reflect my soul and my soul reflects my music. This is how I am and that’s the reason I am able to compose such music.

What has been the constant challenge ever since you started?

I have always given more than my level best, be it on stage or be it in playback or  in making music. I always want to do better than what I did the last time. I might have done one or two songs in a year but those two songs stand out and are continued to being played for years and years. That’s what my achievement is, and its God’s blessings on me. I actually never think about it.The idea is to keep it simple and make it better.

What really engages you about music?

Anything and everything about music engages me. For me, music is something you just can’t define, it has to be felt. Even the silence between two notes, is what I call music.

What’s your take on recreation music?

Recreations are good but I also feel it’s a phase and it is really being over done now. I personally feel its not the numbers that always count but it’s the hearts that you win, the souls that you touch and that’s what I believe in and I intend to do with my music. I think its just a phase and it will move with its own pace. You should not recreate all the songs but it has become  market trend. I think focus should be more on original songs and that’s what I really do.

What’s next in the pipeline?

“O Saajna” has come and my T-Series Mixed Tape has just been released two days ago, and it has garnered a lot of love and attention. I think it is T-Series’ one of the top episode of this season. I am going to talk about my next project in December end because in January and February I am going to give you all the biggest surprise and happiness to start 2020. Two big songs are coming in big films.s CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine