Akshay Kumar is back with the third installment of ‘Housefull’ and as we catch up with the superstar, he talks about getting back to comedy after a while and what he thinks has worked for him. Excerpts:

“I want to keep challenging myself otherwise I am bored”

How does it feel to come back to a comedy like ‘Housefull 3’ after a while?

I feel very good and relieved, it was like a stress-buster but at the same time it was exhausting because comedy is about being spontaneous. While shooting we were doing the scenes in one take, stretching dialogues in one take, because

people won’t laugh if it doesn’t look natural. But it’s nice to come on the sets of ‘Housefull’ because it’s been two years since I did comedy.

Abhishek Bachchan is the new addition to the franchise this time around, so how was it working with him?

I have done one film with him and he’s a very good actor. He’s very good in comedy a we’ve seen in some of his earlier films also. Though his humour in real life is more subtle, it’s English humour. A lot of times, we do not understand his jokes (laughs).

How was it working with Sajid-Farhad again after ‘Entertainment’.

The amazing thing which I noticed about Sajid-Farhad which I saw even while working with Abbas-Mustan is that nobody can imagine that they would be having a fight ever. If Mastan is saying something and Abbas is not agreeing, in front of everyone they don’t show. They also never fight in front of everyone. Miya-biwi ki jodi kamzor lagegi in bhaiyon ke saamne. That’s the same with Sajid-Farhad. They work in sync and even if there’s a creative difference, I believe they’ve never let anyone else know that.

Was it a conscious decision to stay away from comedy for some time?

I want to do different things. I don’t want to have a particular image. I want to keep challenging myself otherwise I am bored. That’s why I try to finish my films in 30-40 days so that I can keep taking up different projects. I’ll go mad if I just do one film a year. But I really didn’t put a lot of brain into it while making these choices. I just go by the sense I have and the experience I have got. I sometimes go right and sometimes go wrong.

You’ve earlier said that films like ‘Special 26’ or ‘Baby’ have a certain limit when it comes to box-office. So how does it feel when an ‘Airlift’ crosses 100 crores now?

It’s nice that now the audience likes these kind of films also. It’s good to see that they believe in realism and want to adapt to such cinema. I did ‘Special 26’ which made about 65 crores, ‘Baby’ did 90 crores, and now I am glad ‘Airlift’ did 125 crores. Then ‘Neerja’ also comes in and scores another great victory, so the audience is geared up to this mode also. We should be worried about what Hollywood is doing to us. There are films beating us left right and centre so we should be gearing up for it. We cannot compete with them as far as money is concerned because they are making films with huge budgets up to 200 million dollars! We can only give them competition with good content.

 With each film you’ve only gotten better…but how do you look at the long, illustrious journey so far?

I feel luck has favoured me. Yes, I worked very hard, I selected good films and bad films, but luck also plays about 60-70 percent role in everyone person’s life whether people believe it or not. When I enter a studio, I see so many models, young boys and girls who want to become actors. I look at them and say, what a good looking boy! But they are struggling so much. There must be a reason to it. Are they not talented? Of course they are. But something is not working for them. So I do believe that even luck has played a big role in me coming this far, apart from my immense hard work. I have seen worse films which everyone believes won’t work and they make a huge box-office collection, and then there are films that you expect will work that fail miserably. So, nobody can predict anything. I just want to keep on working. It all depends on luck and how much you push yourself. And you learn something new everyday!

What do you have to say about the younger lot of actors today?

There are so many talented boys, be it Ranveer Singh or Sidharth Malhotra or Ranbir Kapoor, so many of them! They are all doing such a variety of work. They give so much to a film, that I am shocked. It motivates me further to work more hard.

 How has it been working on ‘Robot 2’?

I found it challenging. It was great to be beaten up by Rajinikanth sir. It is very challenging to be a superhero, and then to be a superhero who is a villain was even more challenging.

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