May 7, 2016 when Tom Alter arrived at our meet, with two books in his hands, my eyes were riveted on the titles “Zindagi Tukdo Mein” and “Aligiri”!

Tom went on to tell me about this amazing “experience of a man” called Ali Peter John! ((Yes!! I know! unbelievable name))which he was so impressed and excited with – that he was going to present the book “Zindagi Tukdo Mein” to our world ! I couldn’t just wait for the grand day!!!

Came the 29th of May 2016 and I went to the MET campus at Bandra to see and meet this “person with a different name “who had written a book from within his own life- in bits and pieces!!! -or so he said– and hence it was titled -“Zindagi Tukdo Mein”.

Maybe, a life we all “live” or are “actually alive in”, if we are honest enough even to our own selves.  We all live in just bits and pieces!!

When the lights went off and a handsome radiant aura in a black Lucknowi kurta walked on the podium and sat on a lone stool under a soft spot on him, suddenly it all became magical! Padmashri Tom Alter casually adjusted his glasses and in his caressing baritone read aloud a few pages of this amazing book of life -written by this “man with a strange name” Ali Peter John!

In a matter of seconds, it was mass hypnosis, I was transported into a seamless, timeless journey of a lone fighter blessed and protected by God, and his worldly experiences, that would have killed any other, yet, only made him stronger and drew him closer to the almighty in many ways!

“Zindagi Tukdo Mein” is not a book. It is a personal diary. “Zindagi Tukdo Mein” is an ode to the power of love, “Zindagi Tukdo Mein” is an ode to accepting and winning with your inner truth, “Zindagi Tukdo Mein” is an experience of a lifetime if one truly understands that love is truth and truth is God- the omnipresent.

The legendary Dasrath Manjhi always said “parem me bahut taaqat hota hai” when asked how he had  cut a mountain with merely his chisel and hammer , absolutely alone, over 20 years, slowly and surely creating a road across – with just nothing but belief, determination ,and conviction in the power of love!

Now, here, we have our very own Ali Peter John!!! APJ who has swum, glided, run, fought and written through his life, cutting through all obstacles and impediments that came between him and his belief in love-the love he had for an ‘angelic aura’ who had and continually is responsible in changing his life, just to create a world of pure truth – wonder and happiness for all he meets and mesmerises!

He shakes us all up with three weapons he has given us – to make this universe a beautiful and wonderful place!

He has bared his own truth, his inner skeleton, and his most open wounds and scars to all of us – so that we can relate, share and accept our own truths, with as much ease and without any shame thus unpacking our own selves inside out!

He reunites us to our own selves! He shakes us up to accept our own powers – truth, love, humanity, and ultimately the God within us when he humbly walks up to the stage and in his own inimitable way says…

“Agar tumhe sachchai mein vishwas nahi hai toh Ali Peter John ko dekho”!
“Agar tumhe insaniyat mein vishwas nahi hai toh Ali Peter John ko dekho”!
“Agar tumhe mohabbbat mein vishwas nahi hai toh Ali Peter John ko dekho”!
“Agar tumhe zindagi par vishwas nahi raha to Ali Peter John ko dekho”!!
Ali Peter John – a mosaic of names – was always one single man
He was born a mosaic of religions and became a big name associated with Indian film journalism and the film industry over the last four decades – the man who always had a sense of humour even in the darkest of situations laughing and smiling even in the worst possible scenario.

The Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner Manoj Kumar in a specially made video said Ali Peter John was a soul who could only be called – “Allah Parmeshwar Jesus”

Oh my! Oh my! What an observation!! And from what a bigger, wonderful being!

What a life! “Zindagi Tukdo Mein” is a ‘must read ‘and ‘must have’
It traces the story of a boy born to Muslim royalty and a Christian orphan and their unusual love story shows a struggle in early free India as Ali Peter is born in 1950 – a new baby INDIA and further we sink deeper into his own love story with a beautiful “act of love” bestowed on him by a sweet miracle of a girl! Molly!

How this mere act transformed this little boy to become Ali Peter John and how APJ transformed his existence from an orphan in his preteens to one of the most loved and respected journalists in the biggest manpower industry of our nation – over a period of almost half a century is a story to be not only, just read but understood, imbibed and ruminated upon – it’s an experience in itself…
Allah Parmeshwar Jesus indeed!!! Kya baat hai!!!!

Today Ali Peter John is a humble, soft spoken, man with a twinkle in his eyes that says…zindagi tukdo mein zaroor jiya hoga maine. Lekin har tukde mein zindagi bhi mere saath jee hai!!

Ali Peter John aapko salaam! Sachche dil se! And Tom Alter Saheb aapko bhi. A million thanks that without you and your wonderful ability of recognizing a miracle when you see one – we all surely would have missed this lifetime’s opportunity – Ali Peter John and his “Zindagi Tukdo Mein”. Trade Magazine