Interview By: Amul Vikas Mohan

There’s always a first time in life, Ali Unwala is all set to be a producer and has come up with his first produced Bollywood film ‘Yeh Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa’. We had a quick chat with him and got to know about his thoughts and experiences. Read on..

“I just wanted to be safe as I'm producing a film for the first time so I just wanted to secure whatever money I've put in the film hence I made a masala film”

As a producer what was your thought process to produce this film?

Firstly frankly speaking I just wanted to be safe as I’m producing a film for the first time so I just wanted to secure whatever money I’ve put in the film hence I made a masala film, a family film for people. And I’m just being frank because that’s how producers think that whatever we’ve put in we should get it back. Also one of my intentions was that there are a lot of dark movies coming in, so I wanted a light, entertaining film which people can go and enjoy. It’s not like it’s a great film but a nice, sweet entertaining film.

Tell us something about your film?

Basically it’s a masala entertainer, with a lot of confusion and good action.  Arbaaz Khan is playing the character of a don.  Jimmy Shergil plays a double role. Pooja Chopra, Bruna Abdullah are also in lead roles. So there’s drama, action, and full on masala in the film; overall an enjoyable film to watch.

What was that one thing that clicked for you after listening to the script?

It was sensible for me and it was something that people probably can relate to. It’s more of sensible drama with action and comedy elements in it. I had gone through a few scripts before, which I didn’t like but this made sense. It didn’t have a great story but some kind of good content which I liked.

How was your collaboration with director Anwer khan?

It was nice, the product which I got was good and he’s a nice person. I’m not going to say a lot  about him but the product I wanted was very good and I’m very happy with it and also satisfied.  Whatever I’ve put I’ve got because it’s made well and it’s a very nice sweet film; there’s no trash in it, it’s a good family film.

Did you give any inputs in your film?

Basically this is my first film so I didn’t want to involve myself in the making of the film but I know one thing – that I want to present it well. Being a producer is not as simple as people think, and if people leave your side one should still walk ahead.

As you said, this is your first film as a producer so how was your experience and will we get to see more ventures coming up?

Yes definitely I would love to make more movies but it all depends on how the first one works out and how the audiences respond so accordingly I can understand what they looking for and then I can go ahead with the second venture.

Is there any particular genre that you looking for?

Personally I would like to do a thriller, but why I chose this is because a lot of dark movies and thrillers are coming now a days so I chose this genre for the first attempt but personally I’ve always liked the whole genre of dark movies and thriller movies. So in future if I get any good script in thriller then definitely I’ll be up for it.

How was your experience working with the star cast?

The cast was super! They were simply super! They were the most cooperative people I’ve had.  As a first timer they have helped me so much, I really thought at a point that this movie won’t happen but all were so helpful; specially Jimmy he has taken it to another level and has literally helped me like a brother throughout the film.

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