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Last week when I meet Alia Bhatt there were many striking revelations she made in the course of the interview. But the one thing that really struck me was the belief that her latest movie RAAZI was an out and out commercial movie. I didn’t fully concur with her then but today when the movie is out, I fully agree with her point of view. Doing something for your nation or that feeling of nation above everything is not a niche emotion. And today that is the reason the movie has gone on to open to such a brilliant number on its first day. At the end of the day it is a commercial movie and that is also the reason it is opening to such a good response.

But my two cents today is not how bang on the thought process of Alia was. Today I want to talk about a girl who is only 25 years of age. She has for the past six years been working in the industry which is generally ruthless if one doesn’t deliver at the box-office week in and week out. And today on the day of her 10th theatrical release she has absolutely come on to own the scene. She has been working around the clock and literally living her lifelong dream of performing in front of millions and she is doing just that.

In her 10 releases she has only seen failure only once, she has had off movies but somehow she has sailed through them all. But having said that, she has continued to charm the audiences with her performances every single time. I keep telling people who are close to me that Alia is the one with the major X factor and today I feel she has achieved that. She backed a story so important and at the same time so very difficult to portray with the acumen of a seasoned actress.

One look at her upcoming movies and you can bet like I can, that she will only grow better as an actor and stronger as a superstar. I genuinely feel that she is indeed the number one actress in the country today and that too by a mile and a half. And nothing can stop her reign supreme.

Keep on shinning Alia!

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine



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