Certificate: A

Director: Bhushan Patel

Starring: Ali Asgar, Nargis Fakhri, Sachiin Joshi

Written by: Tanya Pathak

AMAVAS is a horror film about when an outing at their palatial summer home turns into a nightmare for a couple, as they battle supernatural forces and try staying alive throughout the weekend. Karan Ajmera (Sachiin Joshi) is a wealthy man who brings his girlfriend Ahaana (Nargis Fakhri) to his family’s summerhouse on her insistence. None of the family members have been to that house in almost 8 years now during which only a lone caretaker Goti (Ali Asgar) has been roaming the haunted hallways. The story then goes ahead like a typical horror film with minor spooks like creaking doors locked rooms, etc. But slowly things start getting intense and bodies start to fall. What happens now forms the rest of the film.

The first half of the film is a bit slow and it just teases you with the scares. But it is the second half in which the bodies really start to fall and things get real. The films fails to scare you as it feels predictable and you know what and how the ghost scares you. The plot is not something that we haven’t seen before either. Songs in the film seem really unnecessary and don’t seem to take the film forward. This film is average and is a disappointing watch.

Technically, the film was decent. Cinematography by Amarjeet Singh is decent. Editing by Deven Murdeshwar is okay and could have been better, to at least give the audiences those jump scares. The music of the film is okay. No song in particular takes the story ahead and not a song fits in the story, at least not in between the scenes. They seem quite redundant. The plot is wafer thin and the screenplay does nothing to tighten the plot either. It is weak in several spots and it fails to scare you. The VFX and the effects in the film are quite nice actually but it is all to waste if the content doesn’t support it.

Performances from the cast were okay. Sachiin Joshi seemed lost and confused throughout the film and didn’t seem in his best game. Nargis is bubbly and super excited throughout the film and she is decent. The chemistry between the Sachiin and Nargis is non-existent. You don’t feel like they are a couple or they are in love with each other. Ali Asgar is good and the makers have tried to make his character a little funny but it is not so much. The rest of the cast offer abled support.

Director Bhushan Patel makes a horror film that fails to scare you. He could have tried to make this better but the script probably left no scope for improvement.


At the box-office

The film has opened to lukewarm response and will find going tough.

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