Interview By: Ankita R. Kanabar

‘Kai Po Che’ actor Amit Sadh is a happy, positive man. No, it’s got nothing to do with success or failure but just getting the opportunity to do what he loves to do – act! Post ‘Sultan’ this year, he’s been shooting for a football based film ‘Saat Kadam’ and now has just gotten into ‘Sarkar 3’. A very excited Sadh, gets chatting about sharing screen space with Big B, the philosophy he sticks by and lots more!

“When a big film like ‘Sultan’ exposes you to a bigger fan base, film-makers and producers get warmed up to give you more work”

How did you feel about coming on board for ‘Sarkar 3’?
When I gave my first shot with Salman sir for ‘Sultan’, he hugged me and complimented me. And I told him, ‘sir I feel like I’ve had my baptism today.’ Similarly, when I was on board for ‘Sarkar 3’, the thought of working with Amitabh Bachchan made me feel that my career is launching now. I think any acting career in India is incomplete till you don’t get to engage with the biggest actor of the century. I was also excited about my role and working with Ram Gopal Verma. He’s a genius. I think I’m now getting some great part with great directors, and getting to work with legends, so I see exciting times ahead.

And then when you shot with Amitabh Bachchan on the first day, how was it?
I sat next to the Big B, sat next to the greatest actor of any generation. It was just a mixed bag of emotions, from excitement to exuberance to high heart rate to heart sinking to calmness, edginess, to so many contradicting emotions that I’ve never had before. It’s captivating when that man looks at you, gazes at you, with those most expressive, powerful eyes, without even blinking, it’s like the blood in your blood stream has been frozen. He gave me a hug on the first day, so I feel blessed. I think I’ve lost expression or maybe I found one (smiles). Working with him, is like being introduced to cinema.

In that case, this year seems good for you, with ‘Sultan’ and now working on ‘Sarkar 3’! On second thoughts, you are just as excited every day, each passing year.
Every year has some significance; it’s just that when your movie comes out, is when you get appreciated. But your life and growth lies in between those ‘not so good’ days when your film hasn’t released or there’s not good work, but you wake up with a smile and still hit the gym. You still live and carry on the pursuit of an actor or a true artist. For me, that is what keeps me going. But obviously, you want your movies to release, you want your characters to be appreciated, you want them to do well, and I think it was about time. I’m lucky that Ali Abbas Zafar gave me a great part in a very beautifully written and directed film. That’s the advantage – when you stand with Salman Khan in the same frame, the world watches you. I’m grateful to his fans for giving me so much love. You have to be aware about that. You cannot just say I was very good. I’m grateful to everyone who’s so responsible for me being so happy right now.

“You cannot always crib about what you do not have. You also have to be appreciative about what you are getting”

Doesn’t a big film like this further give you a boost or confidence, despite the fact that you got a lot of appreciation even for ‘Kai Po Che’?
When a big film like ‘Sultan’ exposes you to a bigger fan base, film-makers and producers get warmed up to give you more work. It re-instates your confidence and people’s confidence in you. I can be arrogant and say that I can be an artist and I want to act, but you will get to act only when someone wants to make a film with you. At the end of the day, you have this phenomenon of celebrity and non-celebrity. People do not give you work because you do not have a big name, but you will be able to make a name for yourself only when you work right? So, it’s tricky. But then there are people like Ali and Salman sir who let me do this part. Like Gattu gave me ‘Kai Po Che’. So there are gutsy directors like that. I would like to think, there was never a question mark on my ability, the only question was my salability. I’ve never gotten stuck in this rut but eventually, that is also the truth. I can be disengaged with it, but I have to be aware of my salability. I just hope that I pacify both ends – the director who believes in my talent, my ability to perform, and the producer who says, that he is a talented guy who can give us an audience. I hope all that happens and I get those parts. There’s more in me, but I’m very grateful for this journey. I have no complaints. And there’s so much more to come anyway!

How have you not gotten stuck in the rut though, and remained positive always? I always tell you, that’s one of the things about you which strikes!
No matter how positive I am, I do go through my days of not being sure, but the difference between me and some people is that I bounce back. Sometimes I bounce back with surety and sometimes with uncertainty, but I wake up with the same feeling every day. I am not saying I am strong or confident always. But you should do what’s in your hand and hope for a better day. What this craft means to me is also different. It means a lot to me to be in Mumbai and be able to act. And I’m grateful for people who let me act. People give me money to act, but if I was rich, I would even pay to act. So, you cannot always crib about what you do not have. You also have to be appreciative about what you are getting. If I have 1000 fans, and if I keep saying I have no fans then I’ll be belittling those 1000 fans. There’s this beautiful philosophy I read in a book, it’s called ‘focus’ and ‘off-focus’. You will always see everything, you cannot shut your eyes but it’s your choice. You have to decide where you want to focus, and I’ve become a master at that (smiles).

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