Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Amjad – Nadeem, the duo music directors who have come a long way  collaborating with Zee Music and have given hit songs like “Bandeyaa”, “Ek Mulaqat” and many more; are ready to stir their magic once again with their romantic  track “ Tenu Na Bol Pawaan” the soulful, soothing song from ‘Behen Hogi Teri’!  We talk to them about their journey, music and the film. Read on…

How was the process to compose a song for ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ happen keeping in mind its quirky concept?

Amjad Firstly when we heard the title we were amazed like how will this film be? “Behen Hogi Teri”!  It was a shock but it was a positive shock and it made us realize that such films need to be made and done because such films the audiences are willing to see. So to be a part of this kind of film it was very important for us. We have done different style of films before but this film is quirky and it’s for the all type of audience, like they will be curious to watch it.  So when we got a chance to be a part of this film we thought of giving our best song and leave no options. If it’s even one song that we do, it should be something different from what we have done previously; so this was the thought. And when we did the song, Amul sir told us the situation where this guy is really sad knowing the fact that the girl knows he likes her still she doesn’t realize his love, it’s a very sweet situation so we had composed a song “Tenu Na Bol Pawaan” and we’re sure that as the audience hear this song they will love it.  It’s released and the response of the song is really good, everyone is loving the song. In fact today in the morning I got a call from someone saying, this is the best song of us till date.     

How do you’ll take the pressure of lifting up the song and also merger it with the script or situation given to ya’ll?

 Nadeem Any situation is expressed lyrically so we have to express it with the concept of the script. Like in this film there are more of fun songs but when you drop at a sad situation where the guy realizes it’s his love and it’s going away so at that particular point where our song that is uplifted by the lyrics.

Amjad I would like to share my experience when I heard this situation I went back to my college days and I could so relate to the song and then it came out naturally to me like – how I love this girl or she’s my crush; how should I tell her that I love her and I’m not even able to tell her; so that moment is like within us. We as artist, as musician, what we live is; what we express.

NadeemWhat we have lived and what we have experienced in life we put it in our songs that’s when the real feeling comes out  and not that just fake it and compose it just for the sake of doing it, there’s no fun it in to do so.  As a music director a script is very important for us.  

Amjad Feeling is very important to add soul to the song and talking out of personal experience what I’ve felt is coming out in the song.

As y’all said “Tenu Na Bol Pawaan” has got a great response from the audience so how are y’all feeling right now?

 Amjad We feel more responsible because when the song goes hit and people like it, it gives us reason to make more such good songs. Previously also when “Bandeyaa” from the film ‘Jazbaa’ which was in top 3 list then ‘Ek Mulaqat’ song which youngsters went mad over that, so after those songs also the responsibility built up and for ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ which is for young audiences and a family film; so when the film has both the audiences to see its’ very important for us to make the song really good and in our language we say “Pak hona chaiye” so we see a lot of purity in the song. Seriously speaking we haven’t got such a great response for any other songs till date as we are receiving it for this one.

Nadeem We have done more than 30 films and getting such a response from this song which we were pretty sure of receiving because we knew the melody is really attractive and good.

How exciting and fun it was to compose music and work with the team of ‘Behen Hogi Teri’!?

Amjad Basically when we entered the office and had meetings we saw all youngsters, everyone craving to prove and work hard.

Nadeem The team was so passionate, energetic and positive to work.

Amjad When we met Amul sir, Anshul, Ajay sir the director, it was such a young crowd and it was exciting to work with such energy.

Nadeem Ajay sir is also very musical, he is a guitarist – so it was so much fun to work with him who understands your work and makes it look more beautiful.  And when one gets a musical director then its win scene for us because he understands exactly what we need to express and the tunings, the bond turns out to be good. And Anurag sir who is the head of Zee music, he is like our big brother.

Amjad He has supported us in all times and to give a chance for this film is also because of him.

Nadeem Yeah, he was the one to call us and give us this song; he knew we can do it and that we would enjoy doing this song. And then we went and met Amul, Anshul and received the same positive energy and then it just continued and we are here now talking about the song. (Smiles)

Amjad The positive energy of the song from us, from Anurag sir, Anshul, Amul , Ajay sir that we have got; that is very visible among the audiences, so we are very happy about it.    

Y’all have been in collaboration with Zee music since a long time so how was the experience this time around and how did ya’ll come onboard for ‘Behen Hogi Teri’?

Nadeem With Zee music it’s always been fun and when any challenging work comes, they call us and tell us to check on the script first and then Anurag sir tells us to do that work. He loves us a lot. So for this song too before all the fun and entertaining situations and then comes a serious situation which was showed to us by Ajay sir and then told that now we have to do a song on it.  So that’s a complete different feel when you work on such situations. And when we work with Zee music we don’t see it as a company or a work place we see it as our family and when we enter the office it feels like all are our brothers, we don’t get a feeling or pressure of doing work when we go there it’s like a family to us.

Amjad Anurag sir is like our big brother, even Zee music is such a youngster’s team and we get a very positive feeling from them too, I think that’s why we are bonded with them since 4 years now. Our first release with them was “Ek Mulaqat” and then “Daaru Peeke Dance”, and many more songs; so the journey with them is going quite good by the grace of god.

How was the overall experience with Behan Hogi Teri?

Amjad – Experience has been amazing and I feel the journey has just begun “Tune Na Bol Pawaan” had not released and we were excited to know how the song will be received by the audience and how will they react towards it, will they like the song or no. From our first movie to now we are blessed with work, till the time we don’t make a good melody we don’t go out and approach. We are truly blessed by god. (Smiles)

Nadeem Rohit Sharma has written beautiful lyrics to “Tenu Na Bol Pawaan” it has two versions and the reprise version sung by Asees Kaur so when anyone will hear the song it’s so soothing and they will enjoy it.

Amjad This film has given us very good vibes and it’s absolutely a blockbuster film my heart feels it. My own college friends call me and talks about the trailer and tells me that they will definitely watch this film. And I have a theatre review, the manager of cinemax he tells me that this film will definitely work; so it’s just being getting all good vibes and good talks about the film.  And lastly I would like to thank my parents for everything that; we are, where we are, is because of them.

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