It was so nice to talk to this enthuse soul. Funny, confident and sassy – that’s Ananya Panday for you.  As ‘Student Of The Year 2’ is about to hit the marquee, we had a lengthy chat with Ananya about her experience on working on the film, her take on career graph, learnings from her father amidst much more…

What is your state of mind right now amidst the promotions and as the release date is getting close?

I am actually excited now, I was nervous a week ago when we just started promotions. I am more excited now than nervous because we are getting a lot of love. I am just waiting for everyone to see the film.

How did Tara and you bond?

Tara and I knew each other before we could start shooting for the film. We use to go to the same acting class but we were not allowed to talk to each other there. But after we stared shooting and since we both are so similar in age, she is little older than I am.  She was the only one there who understood the exact same things as I was feeling, because it’s both of us first film. Tiger wouldn’t know because he has obviously done more films and Punit sir is the director, so Tara and I were the people who actually felt the same thing. So I think that was the very important bonding point for us, and we use to team up against Punit because he use to make fun of us; like we could tell with the way he use to talk and pull our legs. So, we use to give it back.

How was it working with Tiger Shroff and to be able to match up with his dancing level?

I am actually really lucky that I got to do my first film with Tiger because for my first film only, I couldn’t take it easy.  I had to start with and match up with his level. So I never had the moment of rest, like even in between shots also he would be rehearing so I couldn’t just chill. It was a lot of fun and I am grateful that I got the experience in my first film. And from my first film, I have leveled up I think.

What was the challenge for you on this film?

Since Tara has done Disney and stuff before, and Tiger has does so many films, I felt like I was the only new one I didn’t even know what facing was, or camera angle, I didn’t know anything. I was just completely new, completely raw. And I will take that as a good thing, because that is something that people will like in me.  Because I remember when Alia came for the first time, people really appreciated her freshness and her rawness. So I think this is something that will help me rather than challenge me.

From the new list of actors that we have whose career graph do you really like?

Alia for sure, I love how Alia has grown because when she came into the industry she was very raw and fresh as I said above, so the audiences have actually seen her grow. Alia was never claimed to be perfect from the start. I think we have seen her journey to perfection, and that is something I would love to do. I am not saying that I am perfect but I want people to see me grow and I think that’s the better feeling than just being perfect from the start. Like people actually seeing you reach, where you actually want to reach.

What is the piece of advice your dad gave you before entering the film industry? Also, does his past experience teach you a lesson?

My dad hasn’t given me any advice because he wants me to do my own thing. I think he thinks that – the time he use to act, you can’t apply many of the same things at this point of time. So he is just letting me be, he never even came on sets, the first time he saw anything of my film was on You Tube at the trailer launch event.  He lets me be my own self and he doesn’t want to interfere. But I think I have learnt a lot from his behavior because even though like, before I was born, he was like this huge star and after I was born he took like a break from doing big films. And he has not changed as a person, he has always been as nice and he never says no to anyone for a photograph. He will be the sweetest to everyone and everyone talks about his personality. He will be the taking jokes on himself and always laughing. That is something I want to learn from him; just laughing at yourself and be able to take everything in a positive manner.

What do you have to say about Karan, how was your experience with him?

Karan has not been that much of a part because he wanted Punit to do his own thing and breathe. Because people can get scared of Karan and I use to be very scared of Karan so I know what that feeling is like.  Everyone thinks Karan and I have a buddy relationship and we do, but I use to get terrified by him. He didn’t even know that I wanted to be an actor, and I remember coming into his office and I thought I had to audition in front of Karan; like that was the scariest thing in the world. But luckily he wasn’t in the room and he saw my video later on. So, Karan has just let us, be and let us do our own thing and I am yet to hear what he feels about the film, so I am nervous about that.

In ‘Koffee with Karan’ you had said that you don’t deserve to be on that couch so how will you justify your presence in the film?

What I said on the couch, I stand by it. I feel there are lot more people out there who are very talented and are very hard-working. And I feel like I have tried my best and I have auditioned as well. And I am also going to be super hard-working. I just want to justify everyone’s faith in me, Karan’s faith, Punit’s faith in me and this is my dream also. I don’t think it will be fair to say it’s not my dream, since I was young all I wanted to do is acting all my life. And I am so grateful I have the chance to do it, so I don’t want to disappoint people. And I don’t want to take away anything from my father by having negative attachments to his name, because he has worked so hard to gain his respect and his name in this industry. I don’t think it’s fair to negatively attach to anything what he has earned.  I hope I can be my own person and not take away from my father and hope people like me, and think I am good enough.

How it was for you to already start shooting for ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’ even before ‘SOTY 2’ has released. How was your entire experience shooting with Kartik and Bhumi?

It’s an amazing feeling and Juno Chopra is the producer of ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’ he saw some rushes of ‘SOTY 2’ and he liked me, and that’s how I got to be part of this film.  ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’ is very different film from ‘SOTY 2’, we have shot just for 3 days and we are going to shoot in July now. But I found it really hard because my film hasn’t come out so I don’t know what people like and what people don’t like. So that was something that I was struggling with, and I felt I was still shooting my first. May be in July it will be a little different because I can make some changes now. And shooting with Kartik was so nice, he is such a selfless actor and he just thinks about how to make a scene better. Even if he doesn’t have any dialogues he will help me with my dialogues; so I think that way it was really nice. And I’ve yet not shot with Bhumi but I am super excited to do so. Trade Magazine