This film is a re-incarnation, revenge saga with lot of emotions and intrigue. Andya (Atharva Bedekar)and Fundya (Shubam Parab) are two good school friends always playing together but one day they decide to play a prank that saying that Fundya has been killed in an accident while on a visit to his Konkan vilalge abnd has turned into a ghost but apparently it becomes a true fact and Fundya’s ghost can only be visible to Andya and Fundya tells him about the deadly dreams he gets in which he sees a man being murdered in the village temple and a house being burnt and unfortunately Andya tells him that he has visions that his oving mother (Deepa Parab Chaudary) has killed him and he wants to get to the bottom of this mustery and wants Andya to come to his Konkan village and find the true murderers . Finally after a lengthy climax all the truth is unravelled and there is an interesting twist to this tale which makes the film watchable. Deepa Parab Chaudhary is impressive.Sushant Shelar as Fundya’s foster father does well. Sandesh Kulkarni as the journalist is impressive. Ajay Jadhav, Kiran Khoje, Arun Nalawde, Madhavi Juvekar, Aarti Vadbalgavkar , Pramod Pawar, Janardan Parab, Ramesh Wani, Shraddha Musale, child Star Mrunal Jadhav, Pramod Pawar, form a formidable cast. Sameer Vijayan has the makings of a good villain. Technically a very slick Film. The music is alright. Direction is good though one has seen such films in the past.


At the box-office

The film should be a good earner.

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