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With the two love anthems, “Sun raha Hai Na Tu”and “Galliyan”, behind him, singer-composer Ankit Tiwari has come up with his official ‘You Tube’ channel. He spoke to us about, why and how the idea came into existence and how he is open to collaborate with different artist and create independent music and much more. Excerpts:

Tell us about your musical journey so far and your approach towards independent and film music?

The process approach remains the same for film music but for independent music as I’ve done 4 to 5 singles, it has a different approach, we have a different audience for that.  I don’t think a film’s situational songs attract more than a single music video. Thus we have a lot of scope of doing something unique in independent music.  But there’s a big disadvantage for non film music, is that around 80% of the music medium, whether its radio or television, don’t play much of independent music. Radio stations refuse to play independent music.  There use to be a time where the user had cassettes, CD but now the radio has taken over.  So it gets tough to promote an independent music. The other medium we have is digital media so that is why I am coming up with my own media digital channel which is Ankit Tiwari official You Tube channel. And henceforth I’m going to release all my singles on my You Tube Chanel.  We are trying to figure out with who all we can collaborate in future.

 Is there a strategy in mind to promote new singles and your You Tube channel?

As an artist we can try our best to create good songs and to make all your associate and people believe in you and your songs.  As far as strategy is concern my brother Ankur Tiwari is looking after the marketing and promotion activity as well as production of the video songs. It’s our company called brotherhood Entertainment Pvt Ltd, we work under this banner and we do all our production work, music distribution and other things. It’s all his strategy to promote the songs in the best way can.  Also we are looking for good collaboration. If we see, films are not coming with single star cast. So I believe it’s high time for singers to come and work together and be at the same page.  For example – in my recent film song ‘FryDay’, which I and Mika ji sang together; there was a fusion created and it had never happened before. I got an opportunity and my director Abhishek Dogra supported me a lot. The song received great response and I’m really happy about it.

How matured do you feel as a music composer and singer and which song would you consider as an opportunity that happened to you? 

“Sun Raha hai” was the biggest opportunity that happened to me and since then my career graph has changed. It’s been quite a time me being in the industry now, I think 2013 when “Sun Raha hai’ had released but the recognition of my name and my face, I received was from the song “Galliyan”. Till the time Galliyan was released, people knew me by my name and my face.  “Sun Raha Hai” and “Galliyan” is, and will always be close to my heart.  I am kind of choosy and do less work. Also, there are people who don’t give me much work and I don’t know the reason. May be I am a composer, so the other composers don’t give me a chance to sing but I would like to work with everyone.  But may be because I am a singer and composer there are less opportunities.  For now I have to compose and sing for my own songs and this is how life is currently going.

What kind of music do you prefer making as a music composer?

Being a music composer you want to do create all kind of music. in my music there is a soothing romance that really touches peoples’ soul and has also been hit songs;  which we have seen in past. And the director’s producers demand more of such songs from me but now there’s a big change in my music, lately I had done a dance number “Dedi” from ‘Airlift’, and the latest release was “Chote Bade”, so the people’s approach has changed towards me.

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