Annu Kapoor has donned many characters. Having immense body of work and his successful years in industry as an actor, TV host, and presenter of the radio program. The veteran actor talks to us about his forthcoming film ‘ Muavza – Zameen Ka Paisa’. He shared with us some interesting and logical facts about film making. Excerpts:

“I try to justify the story and if you can justify a story - automatically the character will be justified; don’t try to glorify a character. Try to justify the story”

What attracted you to say a yes for ‘Muavza – Zameen ka Paisa’? 

‘Muavza’ is a powerful script and has a powerful role with good money so why not yes!

Tell us more about Bechu Bhai your character and what’s unusual that the audience will get to see this time in your role?  

Bechu is a mediator and if you have to be crude it is him, he is a pimp of money. He is shrewd cunning man and we find many people like Bechu in our society. Unusual is the rusticity of the script and the language and the characters and their attitude towards life, their attitude towards money. That’s very interesting.

Now after three years the film is to a release point so how’s the promotion going and how excited are you?  

Well I am pretty conscious about the antecedents related ‘Muavza’ and its release; so we are trying our best to promote it so let’s see how our genuine efforts work.

The film is entirely on your shoulders so does that give you any kind of pressure or a responsibility that you have to look upon?  

I feel responsible everywhere and I am a responsible person, I feel responsible for every project I do. Because a professional actor is not only professional because he chargers money but also because he is responsible for the quality work which the audience is going to watch by spendingmoney.

What’s the USP of the film to have footfalls since there is a clash with other films like ‘Chef’ , ‘ Tu Hai Mera Sunday’

I don’t know what the USP is – either if I claim anything to be a USP of the film but whether it will bring and fill my producers pocket; that is important. I can only request my people to kindly support because we are very little and small artist. The audience has given their love and affection to the big actors so kindly support us too that’s it.

You being such a fine actor and have done countless characters so how is the process of attaching and detaching yourself from one character another?

When I am doing a role and most of the time the moment I come back home if I have to come back home. And if I am satisfied that I know my dialogues well and I have read my script very well and I know in and out and know all the intricacies of the script. And also totally involved in it but the moment I finish the shooting that’s it – this is the theory of eliminations.

Any particular scene you remember or any incident while shooting this film something that you will take back from the film?

I really enjoyed a couple of scenes especially with Jodha a character in the film it was a pleasure working with him. Worked with Deepak Verma then Pankaj Beri we created the scenes and it was mu pleasure to work with them.  To that fact I knew I am playing the central character but none of the actors felt than I have got more dialogues.  I try to justify the story and if you can justify a story – automatically the character will be justified; don’t try to glorify a character. Try to justify the story.  Our filmmakers forget this thing and they glorify the hero that’s why they don’t have wastage in their story.  They don’t have story in their film; one should always take  cinematic liberty how much is needed, if you take 90 % cinematic liberty and 10 %  is the rest, so I don’t believe in this kind of film making.   Film making is an entertainment medium I accept. Our society is dance and song kind of society I accept andbecause of this we are 150 years behind in progression (unnat). Why are we 150 years behind a developed country?  Did you ever think? Always remember there are 5 c’s– C for Cinema, C for Cricket, C for Corruption, C for Caste and C for Complexes.  These C’s have become an iconic of India we have given a lot of importance to these 5 c’s they are overacted.

 If we talk about film making and there are a few subjects which are kept in mind and made by the film maker but people don’t give much attention to it and give more importance to 5 c’s  and which  we usually see such content driven films have been ignored; what do you have to say to that?

Yes there is a very interesting game in this and I will give you an example and explain –  Shoojit Sircar had made a film which was ‘ Vicky Donor’ and that film’s subject was fully related to sex  and more than sex it was related to masturbation.  But while making the film – neither Shoojit Sircar nor Annu Kapoor was the vulgar person.  That’s why we have kept all this things at the edge and we have proved it, it being such a sensitive subject; we justified it, we made it with honesty, we made it with sincerity and the whole family went and saw the film.  Daughters have taken their fathers to watch the film so basically if your thoughts are not bad and if you want to work with honesty and justify your subject so you can do it.  ‘Vicky Donor’ is the brighter example.

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