Interview By: Hasti Doshi

When a person knows his work he is afraid of nothing and Anubhav Sinha is one of a kind. After a long gap Anubhav is back with romance in his upcoming movie Tum Bin 2. He has entertained us with his action and thrillers in ‘Dus’ and ‘RaOne’ so let us see what made him too long to get back with romantic movie in this quick chat –

“Direction is over mystified”

Firstly, how was your journey from ‘Tum Bin’ in 2001 until now ‘Tum Bin 2?’

It’s like taking off from a tree flying all over and then coming back to the tree.

In a while you have not made any romantic movies, why is it so?

You know after I got ‘Dus’ it became successful and they thought it was stylish. Also music was a hit so I was branded for a high tech action films. Then those opportunities kept coming my way and to be honest I never sat back and thought what exactly I want, so I kept going with the flow of what the industry thought of me.

 According to you now, what kind of movies you prefer to direct?

I like all kinds of films. But maybe now I will not make three back to back action films. I might make one action then go back to romantic or may be comedy so I like to try all kinds of film.

How difficult it is to make all kind of films and still do something new in every movie?

It’s not difficult. Direction is over mystified. It’s about you trying to tell a story that you like so if you like love story at that point of time you will not have to put any effort to think in a romantic way. If you are doing action film or thriller I don’t think much of my effort goes into transforming me. See the fact is that story appeals to me tell me that there’s something in me that is like that so then there is no issue. Like I don’t know if I can make a horror film, so to make such I have to put in a lot of effort. I will have to start watching horror films as I am very scared of them so I don’t watch (smiling).

“I was branded for a high tech action films”

Did you ever think or plan during the shoot of ‘Tum Bin’ that you would any day be doing it again like ‘Tum Bin 2?’

No, I never thought about any sequel at that time.

What made you do the sequel then?

I just made a film at that time which gave me a lot of love and then I moved on to other things. Then three years later I realized I was getting compliments very regularly for ‘Tum Bin’ as till then it was a three year or a four year old film. I was regularly getting compliments for that so that love continued until now including a phase when I went to Facebook and Twitter and started dealing with audience directly there I received lots of love and then they started demanding for ‘Tum Bin 2.’ Same time Bhushan started telling me same as I had no story for ‘Tum Bin’ at that time but I had other love stories. Then that story happened and everything started happening.

Which movie of yours is closer to you more? Why?

‘Tum Bin’ is very close to me. Actually all films are close to me but this was my first film and it have consistently given me love and claim for 15years. ‘Dus’ is very close to me and ‘RaOne’ is very close to me.

While scripting ‘Tum Bin 2’ what was your thought process? How different it is from the earlier one?

I don’t understand the word different. I have never tried to do anything different, I had a story and I have tried to stick to the way story wanted to move, I never tried to do anything different. I was telling the stories the way it was supposed to be told.

Are there any future projects you are working upon?

I haven’t decided anything yet. Right now it’s only ‘Tum Bin 2.’

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