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Singer, composer, actor and entrepreneur Arjun has it packed all in a box . We get along for a fun chat with Arjun on his new song ‘Sir Utha K Jiyo’ and about the message the song conveys. Also how was it collaborating with JonithaGandhi . He shares some of his experiences from the time he started his own studio at a very young age and about him being signed with Universal Music.

How was it working with Jonitha Gandhi?

It was amazing working with her. I and Jonitha have known each other for a very long time. We started our career at the same time. It’s been very nice to work with her, we made a good team and we know each other more now. It’s more like a personal project now.

You started your own studio at the age of 18, that’s a really young age to start-up with something like that. How was the whole experience?

It was quite something at that time. I was trying to figure out and I was in college that time. My goal that time was not to be a singer, I just wanted to be around music and that’s the reason I started the studio. I started this studio just to meet people and this was 10 years ago. Also, there was no one inMalad that time who had a studio. We met a lot of people. Anu Malik, Sundhi Chauhan used to come there to practise.  I used to meet them and them a lot of questions and bug them by asking advice and they probably hated me because I used have new questions every other day. I learned a lot with the studio and one day Asha Bosle’s band came in for studio and that’s how I met them. They asked to audition for the band. I auditioned and got signed by Asha Ji.

This is your second collaboration with universal studio, how has it been ?

Actually I’m signed to them and I am one of their exclusive artists. I have my own label and even they are collaborating with HDFC Life and they had received this campaign collaboration from HDFC Life and they thought about me. They contacted me and in the briefing,I came to know there was a female needed for the song too and when I was given the choice I could think of none other than Jonitha Gandhi. The best thing about being a Universal artist is they are very cool about me collaborating with people and we get our creative freedom so it really great working with them it’s been 6 months now it’s been amazing always.

Your song ‘Baki Batein Peeneke baad’ has received massive praises and an awardand even have collaborated with artist, so how do you feel about that?

It’s been great. My career started just 3 years ago and I don’t even believe that it’s been just 3 years and that was my first mainstream song. The feeling is great of learning different things from different artist and I have learned a lot from Jonitha, she is a very talented artist and a good friend.

Tell us a bit about collaboration and little brief about the campaign?

The campaign is for those who have worked hard on their life and this is more like an anthem for the youth. I am very happy that I and Jonitha could bring out such an amazing song. It’s a team effort and I’m very happy to be a part of the collaboration with Universal and HDFC life. It’s been a really amazing experience as we get to take this amazing message forward to the youths which Jonitha and I support firmly and believe in.

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