Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Arjun is one of India’s most recognizable pop stars who gave several hits. Starting his career with the breakout hit “Baaki Baatein peene Baad” with rapper Badshah he has gained immense popularity since then. We speak to him about his latest hit single “Aaya Na Tu” and how collaborating with other artist is bliss. Excerpts:

How did ‘Aaya Na Tu’ materialize? 

Aaya Na Tu’ is my song which I have written, composed and sang so I came with it to Universal music and told them I want to collaborate with some good artist. So, they recommended me Momina as they have good relationship with her. I got very excited about the idea as it is I wanted the single to be different so she was the ideal choice because she has never done a single before; wherein all other singers have done singles and they have been used in some or the other thing so this was really exciting for me as a single and also for her being her first single. So we took up the idea to her and she liked the idea and loved the song so that’s how the song got materialized.

After taking it further how was your experience collaborating with Vinit Thakkar and Momina? 

It’s been amazing to work with them; Universal music, Vinit Thakkar and VYRL originals have been very supportive of this song and the vision of this song. I think this was the first time I’m not with a Label so my experience has been immensely great with Universal music. Also, with Monina it’s been really positive, she is a lovely person and very talented as an artist; easy to work with and I feel she is definitely very gifted so it was a great experience overall.

Do you think it’s easier to connect with the audience with non filmy songs?

I think it’s not difficult to connect with the audiences because I feel it’s all about the song  and I don’t think in today’s date it matters from where the song is coming; be it from a film or a non film song; if it’s a good song it is definitely loved by all and it becomes a hit.  And it’s a fact as we recently saw the song ‘Buzz’ by Aastha Gill and any song of Badshah, which is a non film song, is usually a hit.  Be it Raftaar or Honey Singh it’s always the rappers who are usually giving us the hits because they make different kind of songs and they were the ones who started this trend of non film music.  And non film music is already really big and is doing well and it’s become the profit making business that’s why all major labels are making such songs.  It’s not difficult to connect in either case, film music obviously connects with the Indian audiences in a very good way and non film songs has also started to connect in the same way.

How content are you with the success you’ve gained and to be known as one of India’s most recognizable pop stars in short span of time? 

To be honest I think my journey has just begun and it’s been amazing till now, I’ve been doing this since 2 and a half years because I remember my first song happened in the end of 2015  and since then between 2015 to 2018 a lot of things have changed. I remember when I made ‘ Baaki Baatein Peene Baad’ which was initially a hit but  when I had gone to promote the song at radio stations no one played it because they were like it’s a non film song which they don’t play. But today people are literally calling me to give more songs and give them and make songs for them so the thing is that the whole scenario has changed.  And I think it’s a very big deal and a big victory for all of us.

Do you take any other young composers /singers as your competitor(s)? 

Not at all, I feel we all are in a community which is such a small community and everyone knows each other so there’s no question of any competition.  And I feel that we are literally working together I honestly think there must be 50 or may be more people in the country who are doing non film music.  So, it’s a really small community and if we will go to see our competitors we will never be able to work together. In fact the magic is to collaborate with other artist because it’s beneficial for all of us and also that we can give the audience something new.

What’s your take on recreated music and have you done any?

I’ve not recreated a song but I have used a sample of “Chinnamma Chilakkamma” in “Ek Dafaa” song with AR Rahman’s consent and also that song was totally different  it was just the sample that I had used. But I think recreation is over now and we should stop making it, it was fine in 2016, 2017 but now we should stop it because until and unless we won’t make new music then in coming 10 years we will have nothing to recreate. So we should make good original music which can be recreated in future.

What’s the line -up after ‘Aaya Na Tu’?

I am doing a film as an actor which will be announced in July and next is another single coming up in August so working on that.

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