Director: Rohit Jugraj

Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Kriti Sanon, Varun Sharma, Ronit Roy, SeemaPahwa

Written by: Ritesh Shah

ARJUN PATIALA is designed as a movie within a movie. A struggling director (Abhishek Banerjee) meets a producer (Pankaj Tripathi). After ensuring that the film has all the ingredients for a masala entertainer, the producer listens to the narration of the film. The director then starts narrating the script. It is a story of a police officer named Arjun Patiala (Diljit Dosanjh). He becomes a sub-inspector through sports quota and he is posted at Ferozpur Police Station in Punjab. He starts falling for this reporter Ritu Randhawa (Kriti Sanon), who works for Tezz News Channel. Arjun is meanwhile visited by DSP Gill (Ronit Roy), who Arjun looks up to since childhood, and was the reason why he became a cop. Arjun also shared DSP Gill’s dream of making Ferozpur crime free. In the meantime, Ritu helps Arjun with the list of all the bad guys in the neighbourhood. The list consists of Baldev Rana (Amit Mehra), who doesn’t stop or back down or doesn’t even hesitate in assaulting the police officers, Sukool (Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub) who runs a brick kiln, his brother Anda (Sumit Gulati) and finally Dilbaug Singh (Himanshu Kohli) who runs his business from jail and also has haemoglobin problems. Arjun has a plan and tries to create a gang war with the view that they all will kill each other and DSP Gill’s dream will come true. But then comes another villain MLA Prapti Makkad (Seema Pahwa) who seems to be the most cunning and the biggest villain of them all and has plans of her own. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The story of the film seems quite outdated. The plot had the potential and even the idea was good but it doesn’t come together so nicely on the paper and ultimately the screen. The film was quite poorly written. This is a parody film but neither the story hits, nor the jokes. It just seems half baked, at best. It begins on a good note but the film can’t keep it up for the rest of the duration.

Technically, the film was decent. Cinematography by Sudip Sengupta was nice. Editing was average. The production design was okay. The costume design was good. The action was decent as well. The music is not of the chartbuster variety. The script is weak and has its flaws and the story outdated.

Performance wise, the film was good. Diljit Dosanjh as Arjun seems to be fitting quite well. He plays his part genuinely and looks good in the role. He does well. Varun Sharma who plays Onida Singh in the film, seems to be type casted in this role, but he gives his best and he does good. Kriti Sanon is sincere and manages to entertain with her act with ease. Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub is great and shines as a villain. Seema Pahwa is good. Ronit Roy is decent. The rest of the cast offer abled support.

Director Rohit Jugrah does all he can to make this film a good one with his direction, but the poor and the outdated script/story lets him down as well.


At the box-office

The film has taken a shocking start and will find going tough.

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