We get into a chat with Arko Mukherji for his upcoming movie ‘kesari’ where he tells us how was the process of songs and how he is not against recreated songs if done within a limit.

In no time you have gained popularity with your music with this how has your process been in approaching songs?

When I started my career, it was with ‘Jism 2’ – the things for me that time were very different for me and Youtube was not trending back then. After I did Jism 2, I took a little break because I had to be in Calcutta and I even had a knee surgery. Then when I got back to Mumbai, I did ‘Hate story 2’, ‘Yaariyan’, ‘Allah waariyan’, ‘Shaukeens’. With ‘Tere Sang Yara’ in Rustom, I started getting more and more love from people and recognition for my work and before ‘Tere Sang Yara’ people only knew name of singers and nobody knew about the music composer, lyricist etc. I think since ‘Tere sang yara’ people started knowing about who composed the song and all other aspects of the song. NazmNazm resulted in gaining huge amount of love from people and I sang, wrote and composed NazmNazm and it was nominated for same person being nominated for different categories. Now I get calls only for big films and important films. ‘Kesari’ is coming out soon and the theme is different from other movies. We approach every movie with different themes and I’m doing a Bengali and Marathi movie now. When you approach a movie at time, it’  tough because you already have a situation and then we have to compose the song accordingly. But when you are approaching a movie there are many things that come in between, it’s not just the theme but also who is the actor, actress and director and that is what you keep in mind while making a song.

How did you come on board with kesari?

I came on board with ‘Kesari’ a year and half back, if was even before the movie started its shoot. Karan sir completed the song even before the movie was shot but the lyrics were wrong compared to what the movie was about, because director Anurag Singh was planning to put the song somewhere near the interval but when the song was done, the director wanted the song as the theme song of the movie. Basically it is a patriotic song and this is my first patriotic song and the lyricist has written the lyrics very beautifully. People were literally tearing, hearing this song. Karan Johar, Akshay and many others had tears in their eyes while listening to the song. It is related to our soldiers, it portray their life and how they sacrifice everything for the nation with a smile on their faces. The movie is like a serious movie. It is a true story of 1897 it’s about historical event about patriotism, sacrifice and Sikh pride because Kesari is the color of Sikh pride. So that is the vibe about the movie. This movie is my third movie with Karan Sir and third song with Akshay sir.

How was it composing music for Kesari?

It is Dharma firstly and then it was Akshay Sir and for me Dharma and Akshay sir are the ones that have given me so much of love and Karan sir is someone who used to never let anybody sing the song that I have composed. He always used to ask me to sing in that song. Karan sir loves my music and then this is a huge film and very different from whatever people have already seen it is about a historical event of sacrifice for our country and anybody would give  their right arm to do the movie. It’s a very special film and I hope everybody likes it.

What is your take on current music scenario of recreation of songs?

I have nothing against it. My friend Tanishq, he is my really good friend and he has been my programmer before. He is very close to me and I don’t have any problem with the whole recreation thing. The only problem with it is if music composers remake all the song then who will make the original songs? Our country has so many talented writers and composers what will they do then if only songs are being recreated and no one bring original product to the market? If you remake on full album of movie than it is wrong if you can’t make originals than give it to us we will make original music and introduce it to people rather than just recreating. One music album should only have one recreated song and not one full album. It started with us we made ‘Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Pyaar’ and then it became a trend and has reached the peak now, whereas this shouldn’t have been the case. You should only squeeze the lime until its sour. It’s not like I did not remake songs I did too but then I stopped. At the end of the day the song belongs to someone else why should I change it. I can add things to the song and make it my way but what will the difference be? It will still belong to the person who composed the song at first place. I think there should be an award for the “Best Remake of the Year”. Tanishq creates such good remake and his production is excellent.

As a music composer what challenges do you face in the industry while making your own music?

One main thing is the audience. You never really know who to impress so for a big film, when I am m making my music I don’t really know who I have to crack it with and who are my target audience. Second is, remake has a lot of volume now and because of which originals are back lagging whereas it should be vice versa. In start I did face difficulties but now fortunately everyone has seen my work and they know my songs and every year I’m nominated so even if I’m in any difficulty I can call any of my friends or collogues and ask for help and of course every industry has politics so I think The person who wins is the person who has a lot of confidence other than that you won’t survive.

Tell us about your further projects?

After Kesari, I have three singles coming and there are actors in it, one has got Karan Wahi and one has television actress. Other song also has a television couple and two are already done so I think these two will release in April and May. Trade Magazine