We get in chat with the very talented young singer ‘Armaan Malik’ where we discuss about his newly released single ‘Tootey Khaab’. He tells us about the genre of the song and how he came on board with ‘Tootey Khaab’.  He tells us about his journey with other songs and much more…

How did ‘Tootey Khaab ‘ happen and what is one element that you look for when you are about to finalize a song?
For me the song needs to be relatable, honest and if it can convey an emotion that is universal, I believe that is a mark of good song. I feel ‘Tootey Khaab’ perfectly describes the feelings of someone who is going through a heart break and someone who is yet to get a closure. In relationships when you breakup you really look forward to know the reason but until you get to know that, you really turn crazy till you find the reason. That is what I wanted to get in the song and I think we have got that successfully. I was searching for my next song after ‘Ghar Se Nikalte hi’, it’s been a year and half since I have released a new single. I wanted my next song to be little different but I was not able to find the next song so Shivam from T-series who is a music supervisor made me meet Kunal. He has written ‘Ghar Se Nikalte hi’ for me before but this time he composed ‘Tootey Khaab’ with his partner called Rangon. I heard the song and immediately said this is my next single. I told them I love the song as it is but want to change few things. I swapped the two verses of the song. The first became the second and the second became the first verse.

I would like to know a bit about the genre of the song ‘Tootey Khaab’ and how different is it from all the other songs you’ve made earlier…
The genre of the song ‘Tootey Khaab’ is a sad romantic song. It’s a pop song too so would call it as sad romantic pop song. Firstly I have sung in a lot of heavy Punjabi, Secondly the way I have sung the song is very different from my other songs. I think my tonality as a singer has matured over the years. From ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’ till now my voice has changed a lot. I see that change and ‘Tootey Khaab’ brings that element out in my voice and the fact that I have never done an out an out heart break song I wanted to do a proper breakup song so I think ‘Tootey Khaab’ is that.

What intrigues you about making music?
I grew up around a musical atmosphere. I used to hear my dad compose and sing all the time. Music has literally been in my blood but I had no clue that I would take it up as a career till the age of 8. Till then I was singing because I liked singing. When I was 8 or 9 I decided to make singing my career and life. I professionally started singing at the age of 8 for ads, Jingles and started singing for movies at the age of 10-11. I was 18 years old when I got my first big adult playback singing break.

Words on recreations of songs…
It is fine. It is something I’m not really fond off. It is a trend that is happening and if you don’t jump on a trend you will be left behind; this is a common belief and not is not what I believe in. I have done my fair share of recreations but I personally believe in originals and ‘Tootey Khaab’ is an original, ‘Chale Anna’ is an original song. ‘Kyu Rabba’ from ‘Badla’ is an original song. So in the last 1 or 2 years I have done a lot of original songs. One or two recreations have happened because of the circumstances in the industry and I think recreation is something that everyone is doing and sometimes it becomes difficult for a singer to say ‘No’ and I tend to reduce the amount of recreation that I do but you have to give in sometimes as long as the song has done well then there is no problem.

Do you have a particular process you follow after a song is made? Do you keep on hearing the track in order to know if people will listen to it and will they like it the way you like it?
The process of changing the song again and again happens a few days before the release also sometimes. It depends because sometimes you may be satisfied with the song and closer to the release you start realising that the song is not sounding good and I need to make the changes. Either that or you go with rough version of the song or towards the end you anyways start finalising the song. For me it has always been a process where I design the song in my head and slowly I keep adding few elements. I gage it from a listener’s point of view. If I listen to this song will I feel like listening to it again? And if the answer is yes then I’ll definitely go ahead with it.

Nowadays, we see actors venturing into the field of music. Have you ever thought about acting?
It depends on what kind of film it is and what I’m asked to. I’m open to the idea but I’m not a trained actor. I can be a natural and if there is some mobile where I’m asked to play a singer then it would be easier for me. Acting has never been my focus and I don’t think it ever will be but singing is my forever. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine