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Well, people may call him a funny guy, but well, there’s a reason for that but there’s certainly a lot more to Arshad Warsi. He tickles our funny bone yet again with ‘Bhaiaji Superhit’. We catch up with amidst a casual, candid conversation, where we speak about this film and his career otherwise. Excerpts:

What was the novel factor for you to come on board for ‘Bhaiaji Superhit’?
It’s definitely Sunny Deol. He’s a lovely, sweet chap and he is Sunny Deol! If one does get a chance to work with him, you don’t give it up. I do that. If you ask me to do a film with Mr. Bachchan, I probably won’t even ask you what the story is. Some things are like that. Of course, this is an interesting story, the premise is very nice so I said yes.

You’ve done similar stuff, so in terms of the creative satisfaction how was this?
Yes, I’ve done this and they’re all in the same space – over the top comedy. It’s not a different comedy that I’ve done. If the same question was asked for ‘Jolly LLB’, I would’ve had an answer. It was a different kind of comedy. This is on the same lines.

So, despite doing the same thing again, somehow, people have not really gotten bored of you, and you do enjoy a great space in this genre…
I do a lot of it, but still don’t do a lot of it. For example, when I did ‘Munna Bhai’, I got tons of films to do the same role – that of a ‘Bhai’. I never done it at all. The only time you will see me that role, is in Munna Bhai. So, when you see that role, you won’t get bored of me. I never did that. I try not to repeat the same thing often so that people don’t get bored of me.

When a certain film holds recall value, do you think that’s what really matters? For example, the recall value that Munna Bhai and Circuit have.
When you’ve done your job honestly and left a little impact on people, the value of that is more; it’s more profound. Then is when you see again and still like it. But if it’s just an average work done, it passes off as an average thing in your life. It’s a huge compliment when people remember certain work.

What kind of work really drains you sometimes? Or something which has been draining but satisfying?
For me, those are two different things. Comedy is draining. Every time I do a comedy film, it’s tiring, it’s exhausting, it’s loud. ‘Seher’ was satisfying. ‘Isqhqiya’ was satisfying, ‘Jolly LLB’ was satisfying. So yes, they are different for me. Now I’m doing a web-series called ‘Asura’ for Voot. That’s satisfying. It’s a similar character to what I played in ‘Seher’.

Do you feel a sense of contentment in terms of what you’ve achieved?
The fact is, you always get something that you subconsciously want and that’s what you try for. Subconsciously if you want something really bad, you will get it. Being content is very relative. Someone who could have all the money in the world but wants the moon will never be content. From my point of view, there’s a certain way I am, I like. That’s what I wanted. The kind of life I’m leading, I’m fine. I don’t like to overwork anyway. I would be very unhappy if I was a successful actor but I do like my time.

But you are successful!
I’m talking about people who work 24/7. I don’t want that!

Behind this image of a comedy actor, there’s this deep philosophical side of you, which gets hidden, so is that going to come out in the form of a script that you write or anything else?
(Smiles) I will. I will direct a film. I’ve written a film which is a regular love story with a touch of humour. Then I’ve written an action kind of film, because I look at cinema as entertainment. Not as a school to teach things to people. I’m not interested in making cinema that will give you messages. The whole world gives you messages – your parents, politicians, all the pandits. The only time you shouldn’t get a message is when you go to the theatres. You should only go and enjoy there. Go and have a good time, popcorn, enjoy with your friends. I kind of look at cinema in that aspect. But yes, answering that question, I’m funny on-screen, I do have a sense of humour. I’m not a funny guy. Yes, with my friends with a couple of drinks down, yes, I can crack everyone up. But on a day-to-day basis, in my life, people will be like, what’s happened to him? Why is he frowning? But I’m not frowning. I’m a bit slow in life and lazy!

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