Produced by: Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak, SCIPL

Directed by: Ajay Bahl

Starring: Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadda, Rahul Bhat, Meera Chopra


15 Crores

Estimated Budget


2 Crores

Our Opening Day Prediction

The tagline of ‘Article 375’ is ‘marzi ya zabardasti?’ The film is a drama-thriller of sort which revolves around a mystery. A film director is accused of raping his a member of his female crew. While Richa Chadda is fighting the case of the girl, Akshaye Khanna plays the defense lawyer. What is the truth here? We shall wait to find that out and as the title suggests, the film revolves around ‘Article 375’ in the Indian Penal Code. Here’s what we think is the film’s USP and that’s what might strike a chord with cine-goers.


We’ve recently had many courtroom dramas – in the form of ‘Pink’, ‘Mulk’ and now ‘Article 375’. Also, we recently saw a film based on ‘Article 15’. The audience seems to be curious in knowing more about the articles in the Indian penal code and hence might want to watch a film. Also, courtroom dramas are usually interesting to watch to finally get the truth revealed and see who wins.


The film comprises of a noteworthy ensemble cast. We’ve got Richa Chaddha who’s known for hard-hitting roles. She’s known for her good work and made a mark for herself whilst taking the route less taken. She’s seen in the role of a lawyer this time around. On the other hand, we have Akshaye Khanna who is rare to see on-screen and such a treat for those who’ve been following his work. The two make a good team to watch. Moreover, they’re against each other in the film. ‘Article 375’ also stars Rahul Bhat and Meera Chopra.


Ajay Bahl who made the much-talked about ‘B.A Pass’ has directed this film. ‘B.A. Pass’ was his debut film and it grabbed eye-balls gaining a lot of acclaim. That was in 2012. He is back with a film after a while, and those who remember his earlier work will definitely want to see what he has in store this time around.


If the film has good content, it shall do better with positive word of mouth, just like films like ‘Mulk’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Article 15’. In this day of social media, it’s gotten easier for films with actual good content to do well among the audience. Also, it’s the era of good content as is evident. So, here’s hoping it lives up to the expectations and does even better with word of mouth. CinemaPrediction BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine