We had a quick chat with producer Ashi Dua, well known for co-producing some stellar films like ‘The Ghazi Attack’, ‘Kaalakandi’, ‘Lust Stories’ in her career. She has been nominated for ‘Lust Stories’ at the International Emmy Awards. Here, she spoke to us about her experience on working with renowned directors, motivation to back unique concept, her upcoming venture and much more…

What is the motivation behind coming up with movies with such unique concepts?

It started with wanting to do something for the 100 years of cinema which transpired into this format and then Lust stories and Ghoat stories ..I feel like as a unit together the directors work really well .

How has been the experience in working with such talented and well known directors like Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar and others? What has been your learning? 

It’s been like being in a film school because all 4 of them have such different and unique styles and so much to constantly learn from each of them .

You are on board with Ghost stories as well; what do you have to say about it in terms on content?

It’s very exciting because none of these filmmakers have done horror before so it’s going to be a fun experience

How well, according to you, was Lust stories received by the audience ?

Lust Stories got so much love that we didn’t expect ..we knew we had something special but it surpasses our expectations in terms of the love it got

You have come up with some great movies in the past like The Ghazi Attack, Kaalakandi, etc how do you keep yourself going with every project you come on board with?

It’s all about the content and the Director first for me…if I like the story and I feel I can give it my 100 percent I just go with it

What is that really fascinates you about film making?

The power of a good story and what it can do to people ..happy ,sad,inspired I think that’s the most gratifying part

What’s next in the pipeline?

Ghost stories is next and a few other films that I am  developing currently. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine