Interview By: Devanshee Singh

After ‘Jai Ho’, Ashmit Patel is back with the film ‘Dongri Ka Raja’ which has released this week. It is a love story with a back drop of underworld. Ashmit Patel shares his thoughts about his character, movie and various things in an interview. Read on:

“I think with every film you realise and hone your craft, you realise more of your potential ”

What is your character is all about?

I play the role of a police officer. His name is Inspector Siddhant Prabhu. He is transferred from Nagpur to Mumbai. Put on a case basically to target the underworld and specifically Mansoor Ali who is the current don ruling over Mumbai. During his work on the case, he crosses paths with Raja played by Gashmeer who is the adopted son of Mansoor Ali. Raja has been putting on Police uniform and my name plate and bumping people off due to which the police department is getting bad reputation. My seniors put a lot of pressure on me to solve this and get these guys behind bars but i am not able to do so. There is lot of frustration and anger through the film till I manage to do something substantial to satisfy my seniors and do something in regards to getting these guys behind the bars. He is very Siddhantvadi like his name suggests. He is straight forward and honest. He is a good cope and can’t reveal more because this character is very crucial to the plot.

What prompted you to do ‘Dongri Ka Raja’?

As soon as I heard the script I thought that this was very strong character, almost as strong as any other character in the film. There are four principle characters in the film. It was the first time other than ‘Jai Ho’ where I am not playing the lead or the parallel lead or the main entire hero, I found it compelling enough for me to take it on because it’s strong role and a good script. I liked the vibe of Hadi Bhai when he narrated it to me. I get a strong vibe from people and it’s very essential that you have good vibe especially with your director.

What do you think how you have evolved as an actor?

I think with every film you realise and hone your craft, you realise more of your potential, you see things which previously didn’t exist. As you grow in life with your experiences and with your situations, you are able to bring that maturity and experiences to your characters. I don’t think that any actor is ever complete because life keeps teaching you when you keep growing and keep evolving. The more you grow on a personal level I think as an actor as well you grow because you can bring that wealth of experiences to your characters depending on the how complex your character is and even if it’s a simple character, you can still add that little bit of nuance and make it more interesting.

How you are looking to your career and any particular approach you want to have.

There is no particular approach, never has been an approach. Always gone with the flow. Definitely, there are some desires like I would love to do a comedy film, I would love to do an epic film. Just keep working with good people and keep doing good work and keep exploring my different facets of my personality. Luckily, for actors, you get the chance to explore other characters and that makes you question a lot of things. By default you question things about yourself, So, you grow spiritually and emotionally.

How was the experience working in TV serial “Amma”?

It was the first time I was doing a fiction show. It was a great experience. Although the kind shows I was doing was very different from the regular programming on television. ‘Amma’ is a limited finite fiction show with a strong plot line, well edged characters and great actors who are from films. But when I signed it, neither was Shabani Azmi nor Yuvika was signed. I was the first one to get signed. So, that was kind of added icing on the cake when Yuvika came on and cheery when Shabana ji came. Only difference in serial from films is the quantity of scenes you do in a day. In film, you do 1-2 scenes a day but here you do 5 or 6 or 7 scenes a day. You learn to memorize the dialogue faster, you don’t get that many takes so you are more focused and concentration is 100% every time. There is no time to breath. It’s like a work shop for any actor.

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