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Interview By: Ankita R. Kanabar

The multi-talented Ayushmann Khurrana who also has a writer’s side to him, interestingly plays a writer in his latest release ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’. In a quick chat, the multi-talented guy speaks about the film and more…

“I still feel I am more expressive as a writer”

What drew you the most towards ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’?
The love for music and writing. He is like a giver in that sense. The most important thing which was needed for both the characters was the love for music and you can’t fake it. In fact, that was also the common ground for the bonding Parineeti and me have in the film. Even off-screen, we bond over that.

How was it shooting in Kolkatta?
Kolkatta is actually a great balance of old-world charm and the city. Saturday night you’ll see the vibrant side of Kolkatta and then there’s still a side which seems untouched and traditional. The Bengalis are laid-back, they enjoy food, art and culture, they are great consumers of all that. Plus they also enjoy the night life on Saturdays. So, it’s like two cities run parallel there.

Writers are expressive through their words while actors are animated. You write as well as act…how’s it for you? Also, the character must be relatable then?
Istill feel I am more expressive as a writer. I just become a different person when the camera is on, but otherwise I’m not very expressive with words. Yes relatable, which is why, I think I sometimes want to play an alter ego. For example, I want to be a superman on camera which I am not (laughs).

What has been a turning point in your career?
I think the turning point for me was when I became a VJ. Very few people know that I was working as a second lead in a show called ‘Qayamat’ on television and there was nothing to do for me. I was still playing the second lead, was doing very well since I was accepted. When I started being a VJ, is when I finally thought I will be able to show my talent as Ayushmann and be noticed. So, I ran away from that show within six months. I was happy being a radio jockey and then when I joined MTV as a VJ, I was even more happy because the kind of fiction Indian television had was very regressive. When I started doing reality shows, reality shows had just started, so they were doing really well. So, for me it was just a journey from point A to point B – from anchoring to acting.

Being an outsider what do you think about friendships and camps here?
I have a lot of friends outside the industry…most of my friends are from a non-filmy background. I was so lost initially, but over the years I’ve realised this is how it works. But today everyone works with everyone. I am from YashRaj camp in a way, but I work with other studios. Arjun has worked with Dharma, their actors are working with other people. So, it’s cool now. There’s bonding for sure between actors. I love Varun, Arjun, so many actors, but most of the times whenever I get time, I want to spend with my family.

Tell us about your upcoming films – ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ and ‘ShubhMangalSavdhaan’.
I think Nitesh Tiwari is a brilliant writer, he’s written ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ and Ashwini has directed it. You’ve seen the little gem she created with ‘Nil BatteySannata’, it’s a great collaboration that they have. Nitish had even written ‘Nil BatteySannata. ‘Bareilly kiBarfi’ is more commercial in that sense. Kriti will be revelation because this is the first time she’s playing an earthy character. It’s a small town film. And ‘ShubhMangalSavdhaan’, which is a remake of a south film which came in the same year as ‘Vicky Donor’ so that’s also very interesting.

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