Certificate: U/A

Director: Ahmed Khan

Starring: Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda, Pratiek Babbar and Darshan Kumar

Screenplay: Abbas Hirapurwala, Jojo Khan, Niraj Kumar Mishra

Dialogue: Hussain Dalal

Sajid Nadiadwala’s BAAGHI 2 packs a solid punch and it is a remake of the Telugu super hit film KSHANAM Director Ahmed Khan has brought together a quintessential Bollywood action film with a stellar star cast. The film is about Ronnie who is in search of his ex-girlfriend’s missing daughter. The story starts off with Neha (Disha Patani) getting brutally attacked by two masked man. Then we are introduced to Ranveer Pratap Singh aka Ronnie (Tiger Shroff), a special Army officer in Kashmir. He is brave, fit and macho and fights with terrorists single handedly. The film’s plot begins when Neha calls Ronnie from Goa for help after the attack on her and because her daughter has been kidnapped in the assault and no one is helping her. As Ronnie meets Neha we go in a flashback where we are shown how they had met first time, fell in love with each other and what happened after that. Soon we see Ronnie starts the search of the missing daughter and gets into a fight with police officers and we are introduced to Manoj Bajpayee who plays a DIG and then Pratiek Babbar who plays Sunny a drug addict and brother in law of Neha. The first half is full of Drama and a bit of action which sets the tone for the second half and the 2nd half is full of mind blowing action scenes one after the other, the action is not over the top but threats are real and the high voltage stunts are brilliantly done, especially the action that one will see in the climax is breathtaking. But just before the break we are introduced to LSD (Randeep Hooda) a humorous cop, who believes in the adage, when in Rome, be like the Romans and hence as he is in Goa he is dressed up like a hippie so that he can clean up the drugs business that is in Goa. He has the best scenes and dialogues in the movie. The story of the film has loopholes but it is better than the first film Baaghi and there is also a little bit of twist in the end.

Technically the film is good, cinematography is amazing but except for the song O Saathi other songs are okay, overall the music and background score is good. Editing is crisp and dialogues are good and Randeep Hooda mouths bring the houses down.

Performances wise Tiger Shorff has delivered a good performance and has made everybody notice that he is the next action hero of Hindi Film Industry and Disha Patani plays to her character. Randeep Hooda and Deepak Dobriyal who play Ronnie’s aide stand out easily and are the best performers in the film and Manoj Bajpayee does a good job but his role could have been written better and Pratiek Babbar is good but has nothing much to do and same can be said for Darshan Kumar who plays Disha Patani’s Husband.

Ahmed Khan has done a nice job as a director and though there are some loopholes in the script, he has still made a good movie and has stuck to the genre of the film completely. BAAGHI 2 overall is a good action film, one of the finest in recent times.


At the box-office,

The film has taken a massive opening and should do wonders all over.

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