The story of the film BABA takes place in the 90s and revolves around a small and happy family of Madhav (Deepak Dobriyal), his wife Anandi (Nandita Dhuri), and their 8 years old son, Shankar (Aaryan Menghji). They live on a remote hill, which is far away from a small village. But because they are deaf and dumb, Shankar has no introduction to speech and even sound, as such. So even if he can hear things, he cannot speak because of his parents’ inability to teach him. But despite all that, they are very happy and are just enjoying the small pleasures in life. But while things seemed to be going well, a dark cloud appears over their happy life. What happens next, forms the rest of the film.

The problem that the film presents is really interesting and what is even more interesting is the fact that this problem doesn’t have an easy answer. The film is emotionally touching in a way and to an extent, even manages to move you. the first half builds up really well, but then the second half takes a route which one can easily predict. The film’s central conflict depends on a court case and even the proceedings go as far as to just stating the obvious. A few things don’t go down so easily, logically but then again, you are willing to let it go because the story engrosses you that way and somewhere it makes you root for the happiness of the small family. The screenplay is decent, Cinematography is quite nice. The editing is average. The background score and the music are good as well.

The USP of the film is the actors and they’ve done brilliantly. Deepak Dobriyal lives and breathes his character and he seems so natural and he just fits right into his shoes as well. He makes the character real with his act. Even Nandita as Anandi has done a fabulous job. Spruha Joshi is quite convincing with her act as well. Aaryan as Shankar is again brilliant and he plays his tough role nicely. The rest of the supporting cast are quite sincere as well and they offer great support.

The debutant director Raj Gupta has managed to give us a pure film, although a few minor flaws but you are willing to ignore those. He treats the film nicely and makes it a great watch. CinemaMovie ReviewsBollywood Trade Magazine