Directed by:  Arvind Tripathi
Produced by:  Harikripa Films
Starring: Rajpal Yadav, Sudha Chandran, Bharati, Milind Gunaji, Yashpal Sharma, Mohan Joshi, Rakesh Bedi, Mustaq khan, Prem Dubey and Kiran Sharad.


The trailer of movie ‘Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai’ was recently unveiled. The film looks like an intense socio-drama with a strong message for the society as it talks about how the Bedhiya community of Bundelkhand region (Central India) known for their culture of singing and dancing have been looked down upon since decades. The movie’s hard-hitting subject revolves around the three generations of a Bedhiya family where the youngest girl, Madhu stands up for her rights against her own family to challenge the age old tradition but despite all her efforts she becomes a victim of circumstances as she is abducted and traded by the goons in the brothel post her marriage to Rajpal Yadav. The movie looks real and will deal with many dirty truths existing in our society – girl trafficking, prostitution etc which people are unaware of. The film will release on 10th June.

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