In the past we have most of the time broken stories in this very column about the numerous movies which go on to be shelved week in and week out. But this one story should give people a glimmer of hope. There is this movie which was announced with a lot of fanfare at the start of the year. The makers were keen to launch such a big movie with a very big young star at the helm of things. But in the interim period, the director went out there and delivered a massive dud and the big actor got cold feet and he started to make a few excuses. But after weeks of will he – won’t he, the actor has finally given his elusive nod to the film once again and this time offcially as well and the movie will finally mount the sets by the end of the year. Apparently, the way the filmmaker convinced the actor was by revisiting his script once again and making the needed changes he felt would better the film. An intelligent exercise like this always pays rich dividends like in this case! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine