They say, a person is judged mainly by the company he keeps. But this proverb it seems hasn’t made its way to the ears of this filmmaker. The filmmaker was at one point one of the most respected and talented in the industry. His movies got the audiences to the cinema houses across the nation by the truckloads but that is quickly changing. The filmmaker is now just surrounded by a bunch of yesmen all around him and for obvious reasons they’re not letting him be grounded at all. His arrogant ways and his erratic ways has made him a cautionary take in the industry circles. Actors who were once also ready to work with him don’t want to do anything with him and on the other hand his ego isn’t allowing him to work with any other actors cause they all seem beneath him according to him. The filmmaker better change the company he is keeping if he wants to stay relevant in the movie business because you only get a handful of chances in this place. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine