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This is absolutely the magnum opus style conclusion of the huge hit Bahubali which caught the fancy of the whole nation. The film starts with the anointment of Bahubali (Prabhas) as the Successor to the throne as declared by the Queen Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) and their loyal knight Kattappa (Sathyaraj). Before the accession to the throne Bahubali and Kattapaa go an anonymous tour of their kingdom as instructed by the Queen and then Bahubali falls in love with the princess of a small neighboring kingdom  Princess Devasena (Anushka Shetty) who is daring and valorous  and has a namby pamby brother Kumar Verma (SubhuRaju) but Bahubali and Kattappa stay in the princess ‘s retinue without anyone knowing anything but Bahubali’s elder brother Bhallaladevaa  (Rana Duggubatti) is fuming as he feels he is the rightful heir to the throne and he is egged on by an evil manipulating handicapped father and minister (Naseer) and their spies bring the news that Bahubali is in love with the princess and Bhalla declares his love to the queen who promises him that she will get her married to him without knowing that Bahubali is in love with her and slowly she too is in love with Bahubali and so when the Queen sends a proposal of Bhalla to the princess’s parents Bahubali and Kattapa assume that it is for Bahubali and are happy and they disclose their identity to the princess who declares her love for Bahubali in front of the entire court thus insulting the Queen who destroys her parents kingdom but ultimately the princess and Bahubali marry but have to move out of the kingdom and they start living amidst the common masses  and the princess is pregnant but the king Bhalla is still pining for the princess and declares war on the Bahubali and his pregnant wife in which Bahubali gets killed but 25 years later his son Prabhas again seeks revenge with the help of Kattapa  and the rest of the film is all about fight to death between them which makes for spectacular viewing akin to the 50’s 60’s Hollywood blockbusters like Spartacus , Ben-Hur, Ten Commandments,etc. and closer home Sohrab Modi’s historical dramas except this film is filled with dazzling special effects, spectacular sets, exceptionally, razzle dazzle cinematography, tremendously choreographed action sequences, excellent costumes., . Performance wise Prabhas scores as both the Bahubalis. Rana Duggubatti is excellent as the menacing Bhalla. He is a talent to watch out for. Ramya Krishnan is amazing as the Queen. Nasser is very good as the scheming. Anushka Shetty looks amazing and gives an unbelievable performance. Tammanah Bhatia has a miniscule role. Sathyaraj is excellent as the loyal Kattapaa. Subbaraju provides the much needed relief in the film. The courtiers and the soldiers and commoners play their parts with sincerity. The music could have been better. The background music is good. The director SS Rajamouli has done a very good job of presenting this period costume drama. Though the length of the film could be a deterrent. Overall a lavishly made historical drama for which we all thirst for a tri-quel. The film has been made in four languages and this would help the recovery of its mammoth budget.


At the box-office

The film has taken a historic opening. All India records are poised to be smashed! BLOCKBUSTER!

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