The film looks like a take-off on Band Baaja Baarat though it can be called so as a poor man’s one. Imaad Singh aka Imu (Ranveer Kumar) is a marriage arranger cum facilitator who takes contracts from families who want their marriages to go off without any problems and Ranveer and his motley gang does it on the point of a gun and muscle. Mehek Sharma (Sandeepa Dhar ) is a spirited girl who comes to Lucknow to see that her best friend Yasmin ( Anurita Jha) gets married to her shy college mate and comes across Imu who has taken Anuritas contract of marriage and when they run off he is hot on their trail but ultimately falls in love with Mehak and tries to see that Anurita and her boyfriend get married and gives them a safe house in his farm house owned by his very rigid and old fashioned grandfather who has a rather low opinion about love marriages and court marriages and believes in a complete baarat complete with fun and frolic and dance and of course dowry which he promises Imu along with an Audi car but Imu is hopelessly in love with Mehak and Mehak too is engaged to someone else but then everything goes off well and all is well in the love land. The director has done a very good job. Ranveer Kumar debuts with an impressive performance. Anurita Jha is very good. Rajendra Sethi as the father of Ranveer is very good. Kumar Saurabh as the ultra- active Dijala is a real find. Sandeepa Dhar is a stunner and a good actress and deserves more. The rest of the cast does well. Direction is good. The music is in keeping with the milieu and drama. Technically well shot. The story and screenplay by AM Turaz is good. Overall a good entertainer.

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