This film highlights the power of prayer and faith in the almighty and a son’s love for his mother and how much close a mother-son relationship can be. Samrat Jaykar (Swaapnil Joshi) is the scion of a big textile business and is studying in London and when he comes home the wheels of the business are handed over to him by his mother Sharda Jaykar ( Kirti Adarkar) but a freak accident in the mill premises leads Sharda to be in a comatose state and all the doctors have given up hope but then a wandering holy man advises Samrat to live as a beggar on the streets and beg for alms for a period of one and half months without disclosing his identity and then his mother will be revived. Samrat agrees to this and instructs his right hand man Rajesh (Guru Thakur) to take over the power of attorney and manage his business till he comes back. He then lands up in a group of kind hearted beggars who teach him the art of begging and living on the streets and a kind relationship develops between them. But his uncle (Sayaji Shinde) wants to usurp his property and gives a contract to a killer Basappa (Milind Shinde ) and his men and they try to finish Samrat but he fights them off at every step and he emerges as the winner as his mother regains consciousness and even his girlfriend Madhu (Rucha Inamdar) becomes well after an attempt to kill her by the bad men. The film though a remake of a South film has been adapted well for the Marathi screen by director Ganesh Acharya. Though one sees shades of Trading Places and Dev Anand’s Asli Naqli. His sense of taking is exemplary especially his Lord Ganesha song which is superb. Swaapnil Joshi is now almost a super star and does well in action and emotional scenes. Newbie Rucha Inamdar shows promise. Sayaji Shinde is his usual villainous self. Kirti Adarkar is very good. Jagganath Nivangune shines in a cameo. Padmashree Joshi Kadam, Madhav Abhyankar, Narayan Jadhav, Kailash Waghmare, Pradeep Kabra, Asha Dnyate, Shubhangi Bhujbal, Parth Aherkar, Jayant Gadekar, support well. The veteran DOP Mahesh Limaye has shot the film in picture perfect colorful frames. The editing is linear and impressive. The music is good especially the Lord Ganesha song. Action is akin to a Hindi film. A Film meant for everyone.

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