Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

After a long time Bhumika Chawla is back again in Hindi cinema. She never lost that charm and enthusiasm for her work. It’s the content of the story that matters to her more than, the screen-time. She had a great time shooting for ‘M.S.Dhoni- The untold story.’ Let’s see what she has to say about it-

“When people are very clear about what they want in life that is very interesting”

Firstly, tell us how did this script come to you? And what made you to do the role of Jayanti in ‘M.S.Dhoni?’
I got a call from casting director and the next thing that happened was a meeting with the director of the film. We had a talk about the film and the character. He asked me very openly that it’s a sister’s role so are you ready to do it? For me the two things were very important, one was that I was going to be the part of biopic that is to be made on one of the finest cricketer in our country and second was I get to work with the director whose films I am totally in love with. Starting from ‘The Wednesday’, to ‘Baby’ and ‘Special 26’ every film of his is par excellence. Then he narrated me the character and Jayanti’s journey and her relation with her brother. So my first question was screen time which everyone is asking me. So I did ask him very openly and I know there are people saying that Bhumika is coming back and need to do a big film so I asked will that make difference in anyway? Then he said if you are confident then nothing can go wrong. So when a director you are working with has so much of faith in himself and he transcends that faith into your system then I think everything is very easy.

What was your immediate reaction after knowing the character? Did anything stop you to accept it?

My first reaction was that this is a biopic on Dhoni so for me it was a big thing. Because I did get a lot of offers in last 2-3 years but I refused them as I was not very excited about them or the characters.  And those films are releasing shortly without mentioning the names because you can’t talk about your feelings for a film which is still not released. I was not very convinced about it and I could have taken as they were all lead roles but I didn’t because I didn’t feel excited enough to do it.

Everyone haa seen you in ‘Tere Naam’ and many other movies as a lead and loved you in those.

So I am hoping that after this people will see me in the lead.

Are you a fan of cricket? And who is your favourite cricketer?

I am, but I am not a diehard fan of cricket but I love watching it. I think I admire four cricketers in the recent, so one is Dhoni, Sachin, Rahul Dravid and Virendra Sehvag. The reason I liked them is Rahul is very cool guy so is Dhoni when he is on field he is very calm and composed no matter what the situation is he never loses his cool. Sachin gave up his captaincy saying that it was affecting his game. So when people are very clear and through about what they want in life that is very interesting.

We all know few instances of Dhoni’s life but after you being the part of the biopic movie what are such things which surprised you and things that you never knew?

There were a lot of things I didn’t know about Dhoni. When I first met Neeraj sir he did tell me his past and his journey from college onwards and I was very surprised. Because there were so many things as a layman you don’t know you just think Dhoni comes from a small town Ranchi, he has worked hard and now he is captain. You don’t know that during that journey how much of the hard work he has gone through or how he has gone through and who were his coaches and friends and after he became the captain his relations with BCCI when you watch the movie it is very interesting to know. I won’t say much as it is untold you need to watch movie.


You are playing the reel life sister of reel Dhoni (Sushant) and the bond of brother and sister is very secretive and strong. So what are such secretive things about Sushant which we do not know as an actor or in person?

He is very chilled out guy and easy going also very hard working. He is very comfortable in his skin as he know what he wants and Sushant is very well prepared. For the Dhoni’s character he had to do very hard work of which we see the results. He has done a very good job. There were moments when we used to sit and chat or we would talk about things in life and he used to share things about his personal life. So it was kind of reel sister and real sister kind of sister brother.

You have worked with experienced and good actors like Salman and Amitji so now working with a new young actor, how different was it?

I think one has to work with everyone in life. You have to work with experienced ones and you have to work with newer lot. See the older generation had the different way of working and they had different ethics and culture so if you work with them you embed from them. But today’s generation also has a lot of things to teach you. So of you work with only one lot of people you never get to know the others so you have to kind of balance it out both.

What do you love about Jayanti’s character that touched you?

There is one dialogue which she says to her brother the simplicity of being that even when someone is sharing something it will take time to understand (Smiling). So that shows how simple she is that even being so close to Dhoni there were things she would understand and there were some she wouldn’t. So I think I connect with her because there are times when I talk to people and still I am in my own zone and don’t understand.

If you are chosen for any biopic, whom you would like to play?

I went to Moscow few years back and we went to St. Petersburg and then to cathedral so the story of Czarina Catherine was very interesting. She was basically a peasant who was working in a field and she was very gorgeous. The prince that time fell in love with her and got married and she was very simple girl at heart but after living with him and getting married she learnt the nuisances of power. 3 years later she killed her and married someone else and she was always in the power and leant it. You know you learn things very fast and she was one of those. She was the only lady who at the stretch of 30 years ruled. So ever something like that happens I am interested.

According to you what should the audience take back after watching the movie?

I think they will take back some sort of inspiration from the film. They will take back the entire journey home.

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