In a bid to increase inbound tourism from India, the Maltese government has decided to follow the most common, yet effective path – roll out the red carpet to Bollywood. The Malta government already offers a 25% cash rebate to film and TV show makers and a single-window clearance for shooting in the country. The Maltese government is also planning to offer more incentives and rebates to the makers which they will be announcing soon and shall be effective from January.

While Malta may not be the first country to offer a rebate to the film makers, it is certainly one of the few that doesn’t have a cap on the amount of rebate. Abu Dhabi Film Commission also offers a 30% cash rebate on entire spend on production and post-production activities in Abu Dhabi. However, in case of Abu Dhabi, the rebate is capped at $5 million. The Maltese government has given away rebates of up to Euro 18 million annually. Their film commission also acts like the one point of contact for all the permissions and other logistics so as to make it easier for the film makers to focus on the creative aspects of things better.

Malta later this year will also be hosting the first ever Malta India Film Festival which will invite filmmakers from all over the world who have either Maltese or Indian elements in their film. This is done with the aim to build a creative bridge encouraging art, culture and entertainment involving the two countries.

This is a wonderful initiative undertaken by the Maltese government. I have mentioned previously in this very same column and I’ll say it again that this is a great opportunity for the Indian filmmakers to explore another country, another location to produce their films. Not only that, but the film association has also made it easier to take care of the logistics and try to make it hassle free for the producers. THUGS OF HINDOSTAN is the first Indian film that’s being shot there currently and I hope that there would be more to follow the suite. Now Salman Khan’s upcoming movie BHARAT is also been shot in the country as well.

This could also open up a new market for the Indian distributors to distribute their films; everything in its own time still. It’s good to see another country in the list of countries that are inviting Bollywood to come and explore and are also offering incentives to shoot in the country.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine